Brands with an Adobe Commerce (Magento) Website


We speak with a wide range of people who are considering using Adobe Commerce (Magento) for their company's ecommerce website. During the platform evaluation process, many people ask us “Which other brands are using Adobe Commerce?” 

Adobe Commerce works for many different types of businesses and is the best option for merchants who need a highly-custom online store. It is flexible enough to support many design and business directions while providing merchants with a straightforward administrative interface that they can easily manage.

Which companies are using Adobe Commerce? 

We've compiled a list of companies running their ecommerce stores on Adobe Commerce across a wide variety of industries to illustrate the platform’s versatility. This first section looks at websites built by our team here at Bear Group. 

B2B websites on Adobe Commerce

Mayflower Distribution

As the leading B2B distributor of balloons, helium, party supplies, and food service products in the United States, Mayflower Distribution has a huge catalog and inventory to choose from. Mayflower successfully migrated their inventory, customers, and order history into the cloud version of Adobe Commerce from Magento 1 while maintaining their integration with abas ERP

Imprint Plus

Imprint Plus is a British Columbia manufacturer of high-quality, reusable, custom-printed name badges. They needed a new ecommerce storefront to increase efficiency and better serve small- to medium-sized businesses. Their new Adobe Commerce storefront needed to have a great UX and to take care of all the commerce transaction basics but also needed to be heavily customized around the unique nature of their business.

A look at Imprint Plus' product personalization feature.
A look at Imprint Plus' product personalization feature.

Portland Coffee Roasters

Portland Coffee Roasters, based in the Pacific Northwest, sources high-quality coffee beans directly from farmers around the world—"building sustainable relationships with them and the communities they support." They needed a multi-store environment built for their wholesale business that integrated with their Rootstock ERP, so store-level buyers could log in to an ecommerce portal and quickly reorder their coffee supply. Adobe Commerce was able to meet their needs.

D2C Ecommerce websites on Adobe Commerce

Every Man Jack

It was very important to the Every Man Jack team to create an easy and immersive browsing experience for site visitors and to simplify the understanding of products as well as launch their subscription business. Using Adobe Commerce, the Every Man Jack website amplified its business’ growth while showcasing its new brand.  

Food and beverage websites on Adobe Commerce

Seattle Coffee Gear

Seattle Coffee Gear helps customers make an excellent cup of coffee in the comfort of their own homes. Naturally, they strive to make it easy for customers to reorder and discover new products so they set out to implement a sophisticated coffee subscription line of business with their existing Adobe Commerce (Magento) website. By using Adobe Commerce, Seattle Coffee Gear was able to utilize subscription customizations for three primary user flows, support for multi-destination subscriptions, existing subscription data migration, all relevant front-end development for subscription landing pages, account dashboards, and product detail pages. 

Chukar Cherries

Chukar Cherries began in 1988 and quickly became a Pacific Northwest legend for their extraordinary foods and gifts crafted from locally-grown cherries and berries. (Definitely try their chocolate-covered cherries—it’s one of the best things you’ll ever taste.) The Chukar Cherries successfully moved their website from Magento 1 to the Magento 2 platform. With this change, they rebuilt their catalog and product structures as well as a responsive theme. 

Other websites using Adobe Commerce

If we look even further, you’ll find a large range of brands currently using Adobe Commerce for their ecommerce websites.


Vitamix was founded in 1949 with a mission to help families eat healthier by creating blenders and other food-related appliances. On their website, you’ll find their polished product catalog as well as a feature for discovering new recipes and ideas for what you can make using their product lineup.


Sugarfina boasts a colorful, fun website to highlight their gourmet candy boxes. You can use the features on their Adobe Commerce website to order, find a store, read their blog, and much more.


As one of the leading suppliers of food service products to restaurants and chefs alike, FoodServiceDirect wanted to modernize its digital sales platform and tailor it to the unique needs of its customer base. Over half their customer base is B2B buyers. With a large, diverse product catalog, it made sense for them to expand to both B2B and B2C customers using the capabilities of Adobe Commerce. 

Outdoor Research  

Outdoor Research has been creating award-winning outdoor clothing and gear for the last four decades. They now have a broad collection of outdoor, medical, and tactical gear for a wide variety of occupations and hobbies. Adobe Commerce helps them cultivate their vast product catalog.


Filson was first established in 1897 and now is an outfitter and manufacturer of various goods for the outdoor-lover and adventurer. Their Adobe Commerce website offers an interactive website experience that showcases their wide array of outdoor gear and their unique history. 


Shinola, a Detroit-based ecommerce company, wanted to focus on crafting high-quality goods such as watches and bags while creating jobs in the local area. Their website showcases their craftsman-quality accessories while also providing a unique user experience and a high-fashion look and feel. 


As a well-known clothing and accessory brand in the skateboarding and snowboarding world, Volcom has only grown in popularity over the years. When you visit their website, you’ll notice the unique layout as well as key features that highlight the individuality the brand is known for. 

Sam Ash Music

A website for the virtuoso, Sam Ash Music is a store created by musicians for musicians. An Adobe Commerce website was the perfect platform for them to showcase their impressive array of musical instruments, gear, and accessories. Their interactive dropdown menu offers plenty of options for shopping, financing, and more.

Coca-Cola’s Merch Store

An old name in the beverage industry, Coca-Cola has expanded its product line to offer a wide range of branded merchandise. Their Adobe Commerce website highlights their variety of accessories, clothes, and collectibles and also showcases a unique customization feature.


Rossignol’s website features overhead navigation that caters to users who know exactly what they want, and educational content which provides much of the information that users like to look for prior to purchase.


As the name suggests, SHOEBACCA began as a small shoe business in Texas and grew tremendously over the years. They now boast over 700,000 SKUs in their system, and because of this needed a platform that could handle their large product catalog. Adobe Commerce succeeded in doing just that, as well as optimizing merchandising and integrating with multiple online marketplaces.

In conclusion

The benefit of Adobe Commerce is that it provides a foundation that companies can use to build highly custom websites. Although each website is built on the same platform, they have been customized beyond their appearances to offer unique experiences tailored to their particular products, brands, and strategies.

When choosing an ecommerce platform, the driving motivator behind your ultimate choice should be the answer to the question: what do I need my website to do?