Portland Coffee Roasters

B2B Magento 2 Integration with Rootstock ERP

Coffee Rooted in Relationships

Portland Coffee Roasters, based in the Pacific Northwest, sources high-quality coffee beans directly from farmers around the world — "building sustainable relationships with them and the communities they support."

Portland Coffee Roasters primarily distributes through coffee retailers and wholesale operations. Coffee beans have a finite shelf life and need to be replenished frequently. Since coffee shops and retailers prefer to keep minimal inventory on-hand, Portland Coffee Roasters helps their customers quickly replenish — serving as both roaster and supplier. 

Opportunity for an Integrated Distribution System

Last year, a large customer with more than 100 locations presented Portland Coffee Roasters with an opportunity to create a bigger distribution system and fewer manual touchpoints. 

After approaching Bear Group for help, we pulled together a systems evaluation for the Portland Coffee Roasters team, with the ultimate goal being that buyers at the store level would be able to login to an ecommerce portal and quickly reorder their coffee supply. 

The system needed to be able to eliminate manual order entry and payment management. It also needed to have tight integration with its Rootstock ERP system that is used for operations, finance, and supply chain management.

coffee cups with the portland coffee roasters logo


Adobe Commerce (Magento) for B2B

  • Adobe Commerce (Magento) quickly became a leading option — ticking several important boxes on Portland Coffee Roasters’ wishlist, including:

    • The Magento 2 core platform allows for B2B accounts/customers and shared catalog features.
    • Access to the source code meant a deep integration with the Rootstock system and significant automation was very buildable. 
    • The ability to have multiple storefronts on the same ecommerce system allows them to build a single “stack,” integrate once, and process all orders through a central system — while still allowing for unique front-ends for major customers.

Magento 2 and Rootstock ERP Integration

The Adobe Commerce website and customer build came together quickly. 

After fully mapping out the integration with Rootstock’s ERP and Magento 2 during the scoping phase, a key requirement that emerged — which was not built into Adobe Commerce’s B2B platform — is the ability for customers to centrally pay off purchases based on established terms. It does allow terms as a payment option, but assumes clearing of those invoices will be done inside your accounting system. 

Since Rootstock handles all payments, Portland Coffee Roasters needed a fairly robust integration between Magento 2 and Rootstock. When a customer is logged in to the website, it performs an invoice lookup and allows them to select invoices and pay them off. Once paid, the invoices are marked correctly in Rootstock, and terms adjustments flow back into the Magento 2 platform.

Development Features

  • Other major custom development features, include:

    • Custom company and customer management with division models
    • Company-specific shipment matrix
    • Pricebook integration
    • Product-based price sync
    • Company credit management
    • Web order status (shipping & invoicing)
    • Custom permission sets
    • Transactional email rules/permissions
    • Hide price feature 
    • Dynamic free shipping banner + conditional rules based on weight

The Portland Coffee Roasters B2B website has simplified the ordering process for customers and improved their operations. The B2B site went live in early March 2021.