This is a Place to Thrive

Bear Group is dedicated to building and supporting custom websites and ecommerce solutions. With technical expertise and high standards of integrity guiding us, we roll up our sleeves, solve problems, and deliver high-quality results that exceed client expectations.

As a company, we put people first and understand that ample focus enables our team of developers and technical project managers to be experts in their craft. Work alongside some of the brightest in the industry in a rewarding and down-to-earth company culture. This is a place to thrive. 

Current Openings

  • Team Lead - Web Development

    We’re looking for an experienced Web Developer to join as our next Team Lead. Team Leads have management experience, communicate effectively, use productive work methods, exercise good judgment, and display the ability to generate strong concepts and apply high-level critical thinking for clients.

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  • Technical Project Manager

    We’re looking for an experienced Technical Project Manager to join our talented team of problem solvers to run web development projects. 

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  • Web Developer

    We’re looking for an experienced Web Developer to join our team. Web Developers need to be self-motivated and able to work independently most of the time, but we have a friendly and capable team to collaborate with along the way. 

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