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Open Positions at Bear Group, a Seattle-Based Web Development Agency

Working at Bear Group: Our Role In the Digital Age

Our work is important to us, to our clients, and to the millions of people who view it every day.

As builders of online experiences, we play a very important role in the digital age. We have a huge impact on companies, their goals, and their mission. In every integration we tackle, or new website we launch, we strive to build projects of quality that will support our clients in their unique endeavors.

There’s an enormous sense of satisfaction that comes from launching a project, especially when seeing it in action in the hands of our clients. Each project is an opportunity for growth and learning, and each teaches us something new.

Our mission is to help our clients’ companies thrive. By providing technical expertise and guidance, we work closely with their marketing teams to increase their effectiveness and lighten their load.

Current Job Openings

What Drives The Bear Group Team

Over the past 10 years, very few things have changed at Bear Group. We’ve steadily grown in size and experience, and have clear tenets that govern our growth. We’re pleased to say that our original vision for what we want to do and how we want to do it has stayed the same. We set out to build the company we wanted to work at, and we’ve accomplished that. It’s a great place for creative technologists to thrive.

Creativity of Coding

Our team members became experts in their fields because they were playing to their strengths. Technology comes easily and naturally to them, and they approach coding as a composer would approach a symphony or an author their prose. They enjoy the challenge, and enjoy working in a field that has become a major part of the 21st-century economy.

Satisfaction of Serving Others

It’s more than customer service, it’s a respect and responsibility we feel towards clients–a true partnership with our customers. We approach the challenge of each project with dedication, using the full extent of our skills to pilot projects, build relationships, solve problems, and deliver exceptional results.


We believe that solving technical problems is a creative process, and creative processes require focus. We support and respect our senior developers, technical project managers, and other professionals by limiting meetings and allowing time for uninterrupted, independent work. Most days are spent focused on creating. The author Haruki Murakami once wrote that “Concentration is one of the happiest things in my life.” As a firm of highly-focused individuals, we fully agree.

Concentration is one of the happiest things in my life.

Haruki Murakami

Working With Bear Group


We work in a fast moving industry. Everyone who works at Bear Group values continual learning and self improvement. We work together, sharing the unique knowledge set each of us possesses from our individual fields of experience. Additionally, each employee is given a yearly stipend for educational purposes.


We get our work done–online and on time. For most projects, we are setting the timeframe for completion, never working on artificial or campaign-driven deadlines. Out of respect for each other and our clients, we work hard to maintain the deadlines we set.


We maintain a respectful work environment. We trust you to get the job done and value each individual contribution. We also respect your time away from work, and encourage a balance between your personal life, family, and work.

Focused Technology

We’re a company that spends most of our time working with technology to support human endeavors. We live and breathe code, but we don’t try to support all technology. We are not attempting to be a full service firm, or build any technical solution brought to us. We specialize in a handful of mission critical web technologies.


We are not an opportunistic company–growth for growth’s sake is not a primary goal at Bear Group. We have strong tenets for when and how we grow in a way that preserves our integrity, values, and brand. We see a long, 50-year horizon ahead of us when we talk about growth. Every project we launch adds to our firm's reputation of reliability and excellence.


We approach all projects as a cohesive team. We meet together regularly to review project details and work together to assign tasks that play to each of our strengths.

We Work Remote

Although our office is based in Seattle, our staff are located across the U.S.


We are a well-established company, and offer each of our employees a 401K.

Health Care

We offer our staff 4 health care plan options (including HSA's) through Aetna.

Dental & Vision

Our staff are provided with dental and vision coverage.


We have 12-15 holidays + 15 days of open personal time off per year, and flexible daily schedules for most positions.

Education Stipend

We offer each member of our team a conference / education stipend of $1500 yearly.

Long-Term and Short-Term Disability

We provide medical coverage through MetLife for our staff for long-term and short-term disability.

Life Insurance

Each of our staff members receives life insurance through MetLife.

Our Roles

From PHP masters to expert technical project managers, we have a variety of roles on our team contributing to the completion of your project. Below, you’ll find more details on each of our staff positions.

Web Operations & Systems

This is an internal role, and provides all system administration to keep our developers productive, deployments stable, and servers monitored, secure, and hardened.

Senior Front-end Developers

Our front-end developers all have one thing in common – they are perfectionists. We partner with some of the very best design firms, and their expectations are high. Our front-end developers are masters in the latest HTML5/CSS3 technology, and they can build a Drupal or Magento® theme in a matter of days.

Technology Consultants

If you’re unfamiliar with web development technology, our consultants can help you. They're Drupal, Magento, and marketing integration experts and can make sure that your business needs are met with the right technology. They can also assist with training, helping your team become comfortable with their new systems. Consultants can help with every aspect of project planning, whether they write specs and timelines themselves or provide input to internal project leads.

Technical Project Managers

Technical PM's keep each project on track. They coordinate development tools like Jira Studio, which integrates your project roadmap, current tasks, releases, burndowns, the actual Git code repository, and allows code reviews. Capable Technical PM's and and agile approach to project management translates to strong project coordination and total transparency for our clients.

Content Coordinators

On content-heavy projects, our content coordinators ensure that all content appears beautifully, in just the right format.

Site Builders

Site Builders manage all aspects of the configuration of Drupal or Magento. They provide the coded "glue" between a website's design, content, functionality, and code, and work actively with the client and development teams.

Senior Web Developers

Our senior developers are truly web development experts. Each has over 10 years of experience building websites and working with Drupal. Most contribute modules to the Drupal community, and have worked on many advanced projects in the past. They are PHP masters, have strong knowledge of LAMP systems, and are skilled in all front-end technologies. They thrive on learning new and interesting technology.