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Reach new customers with a customizable Shopify ecommerce website that elevates your brand and scales with your business as you grow.

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  • 16 years of building custom ecommerce storefronts
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Elevate What's Possible with Shopify

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Elevate What's Possible with Shopify

Our team builds Shopify and Shopify Plus websites that are beautiful, easy to maintain, cost-effective, and integrate your entire sales ecosystem so you can focus on delighting your customers and growing your business.

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Design & Development

Design & Development

Our talented front-end developer work alongside our design team to bring your Shopify website project to life.

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Why Bear Group?

We're Shopify partners with more than 16 years of experience building D2C and B2B ecommerce solutions for clients. 

They’re advisors to us. It’s critical help for those of us who aren’t developers to understand the pros and cons of different decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can Shopify work with my business model?

Shopify has a reputation of being a “cookie cutter” solution, but that is far from the truth. We’ve helped clients create highly-customized checkout flows and seamlessly integrate their POS and ERP systems using Shopify. We’d be happy to show you a demo Shopify site and discuss if the platform might work for your unique business needs. Schedule an intro call to get started.

Should I be considering Shopify Plus?

Shopify is an entry-level platform, with three feature tiers, low license fees, and requires minimal effort to set up. You can launch a basic, turnkey site in an afternoon, and likely do not need much help.

Shopify Plus provides an expanded set of features for fast-growing companies that are focused on ecommerce. It offers the same comprehensive, all-in-one ecommerce platform, but is more easily extended and molded to fit the needs of your company. Shopify Plus is a must for high-volume ecommerce businesses, those managing multiple brands, or stores with complexities such as custom checkout or ERP integrations.

Unsure of what Shopify tier is needed for your business? The Bear Group team can help you make that decision. Request an intro call to learn more.

How much does Shopify Plus Cost?

The Shopify Plus platform costs range from $250-$2,000/mo. In addition, there are apps needed to extend the platform, credit card, and transaction processing (part of every online store’s costs), setup and theme development costs, and ongoing improvement costs.

Here’s a breakdown of costs you can expect from a Shopify website including a handy Shopify Plan Pricing Comparison Template for you to use. To get an accurate quote for your web project, contact the Bear Group team to schedule an intro call.

How can I plan my move to Shopify?

Bear Group has years of experience helping clients migrate or re-platform their websites. Together, we can help you plan a path for your migration while keeping the important parts of your website intact by following a few key steps. Here’s more information on what to expect when you re-platform your website. Our team can help you map out your platform migration, contact us for an intro call to get started.

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