About Bear Group

Love your website

Our approach is grounded in strong, transparent communication and a deep respect for our clients. You’ll always get our best council, and we’ll always act in your best interest. We work hard to demystify the web development process and ensure you’re with us at every step. 

We work hard to demystify the web development process

Bear Group is a website development firm. For the past 14 years, we’ve been dedicated to building and supporting websites that help organizations delight customers, streamline their operations, and grow.

We're based in Seattle, and our US-based, 25-person team is fully remote (we actually started as a remote-first company back in 2007!). 

As a team, we focus exclusively on custom website development, enterprise commerce, and related integrations. This focus enables us to deliver a superior level of operational integrity and attention to detail in everything we do.

We come to the table as enthusiastic but ego-less collaborators, wholly dedicated to making this piece of your brand and marketing puzzle fit perfectly.

Greg Bear

Greg Bear had a front-row seat as the internet became the center of the economy. He built his first web page in 1994, led startups through the Seattle internet boom, and launched Bear Group in 2007. His dedication to exceptional digital experiences and client service has remained central throughout. 

The Group

There’s something pretty special about the group. Along the way, through participating in things like bands, theater productions, and sports teams, we’ve discovered the joy of working creatively together. Each individual contributes something meaningful. We might not always know the outcome, but we trust the process, our collective knowledge, and each other to get there.

Bear Group Certifications

  • Magento Certified Web Developers Bear Group

    Our Developers Are Adobe Certified

    We've been working with Magento Commerce as our primary ecommerce platform for clients since its first release in 2008. All of our developers and technical project managers have become experts in Magento. Additionally, a few of our developers also hold an Adobe Certified Master certification, a credential earned by only the most expert of Magento developers.

  • Scrum Certified Technical Project Managers Bear Group Web Development Team

    Our Technical Project Managers Are Scrum Certified

    Each of our technical project managers are trained in agile project management and possess extensive experience working with clients to develop their web projects.

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