The Development Team You Need to Achieve Your Vision

We build and support custom web and ecommerce solutions for clients to drive their vision forward. Our team has supported hundreds of websites and billions of page views. 

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The Best Relationships Start with Earned Trust

We build and support websites that business leaders can count on. Throughout our years of experience, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide range of amazing organizations and play a role in bringing their vision to life. We only take on about 15 new clients per year to ensure we are able to deliver an exceptional experience to all of our clients.

At Bear Group, we operate under our “no surprises” communication approach to provide a smooth experience for clients. Our selective platform expertise in Drupal, Adobe Commerce (Magento), and Shopify allow us to be true experts on every project we take on. We pride ourselves on creating reliable websites and technology solutions that support our client's missions and goals.

Core Values That Lead to Success

  • Integrity: We’re trustworthy — always giving our best counsel. 

  • Focus: Our engineering focus enables our team to develop deep expertise in the platforms and technologies we work with.

  • Reliability: We’re an incredibly hard-working and reliable team. We roll up our sleeves, get work done the right way, and communicate clearly.

  • Empathy: We care deeply about each other, our clients, and our partners — always listening and seeking to understand what others might be experiencing.

  • Problem Solvers: We’re creative builders and problem solvers — working together to help simplify complexity and align technology to a business’ needs.

A Team of Experts Supporting Your Vision 

Greg Bear first launched Bear Group in 2007 after leading startups through the internet boom. Since our very first weeks as a company, we continue to grow, learn, and have fun while doing great work. Our guiding purpose has always been to build and support the websites that growing businesses can count on.

Today we’re a 28-person team delivering exceptional results for clients. The talent, energy, and focus our developers and project managers bring to each client continue to be the heart of Bear Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in Magento (Adobe Commerce), Drupal, and Shopify development. If you’re interested in one of these platforms, contact us to learn more about how Bear Group can help you reach your goals.

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Based in Seattle, Distributed Remotely

We're based out of Seattle, WA, and have been working with businesses in the Pacific Northwest and beyond for more than 15 years now. 

We’ve been a remote company since our early days (long before it was the norm) as we look to recruit great talent no matter where they live.

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