Seattle Magento Development Services

Website Building, Theming, and System Integration Services for Custom Magento Websites

Custom eCommerce Development, Based in Seattle, Washington.

Whether you're starting your first online store or updating one that has been around for awhile, there's no need to battle with an online store that's frustrating for you or your customers, or to use one that appears completely disconnected from the rest of your website. We build easy-to-use, powerful online stores that are completely integrated into your site’s look and feel.

A Magento Partner

Since we built our first client website with Magento in 2008, we have used Magento exclusively. After working with Magento's eCommerce technology for a decade, we are a certified Magento Partner.  

Magento eCommerce Store Setup and Configuration

Magento, an open source eCommerce platform, powers all of our eCommerce solutions. Released in 2008, it is quickly redefining the eCommerce space for businesses that need a custom store solution, and more than 100,000 merchants around the world already use it.

Our development team can help configure your Magento system to be fully supportive of your eCommerce and online marketing needs, fitting your system to your business.

Oiselle Running
Oiselle Running apparel is designed by women, for women. In 2012, the Oiselle team had outgrown their eCommerce system and turned to Magento.

Amazon Payments
Amazon Payments provides website integrations to merchants. Wanting to add an integration specifically for Magento platforms, they reached out to our team.

Glazer's Camera
Glazer's Camera has been providing cameras, equipment, and classes to the Seattle community since their doors opened in 1935. Through their Magento website, Glazer's services are now even more accessible.

Seattle Chocolate
Seattle Chocolate partnered with our team to design a custom Magento website capable of handling their eCommerce strategy and integrating with their CMS.

Responsiveness and professionalism - we love working with Bear Group and all of the top notch people we get to work with on Magento projects.

Jesse Kruchoski

We are honored and very fortunate to have Bear as our consulting team for keeping our website on the cutting edge of this rapidly changing world of eCommerce.

Seann Bardell

Upgrading Magento eCommerce Stores

Bear Group provides assistance with Magento system upgrades, helping you migrate your content safely from your older website to newly released versions of Magento without loss to organization or data. Magento provides resources that allow for this transition as easily as possible, allowing us as developers to transition your data and implement your organization within your new storefront.

Features On Your Wishlist Are Already Available in Magento

We find that Magento generally offers all the capabilities our clients are seeking for their online stores. For example, it includes a sales section to make quick work of daily fulfillment activities, as well as inventory configured with unlimited product attributes. It offers powerful tools that can be used for promotion based on any attribute or order scenario, customer accounts, and segmentation, and the ability to theme the front-end however you like.

Web Development Quality Assurance (Testing)

We provide Quality Assurance for every new website project, ensuring clients have the best online storefront and marketing tool starting at launch. In addition to our own Quality Assurance process, we also collaborate with your in-house team, ensuring that you have a chance to review your site before it goes live.

For users of SAP software, we can facilitate data processing between your ERP and your website through API connections or a custom integration, as needs be. There are several paths for communication into SAP that we use, including over an API, using an XML file shared between systems, or creating a middleware application to pre-process data.

We approach Syspro ERP systems integrations by creating data pathways between your ERP, website, and additional order processing tools. We use an established Magento community extension to support communication between Syspro and Magento.

Preferred by businesses handling perishable products, Fishbowl is an order processing software used to quickly process shipments. We use the API Fishbowl wrote for Magento.

By integrating your website with Epicor's M2K Manage 2000 ERP, you can increase the efficiency of production, payment processing, and other post-order tasks. We generate a consumable XML file that is then sent to Manage 2000.

Usually, we create a custom connection that takes data from Magento, reformats it as an XML file, and then passes that to the Homegrown ERP. This is usually built to be a direct connection, not involving middleware. The XML file is location-based, and is passed directly between the two systems.

Although most accounting software are closed systems, there are integration solutions available for managing data transfer between your website, and your Quickbooks accounting software. We connect by using a middleware, often Webgility.

Our experience managing custom integrations between eCommerce websites, and Microsoft Dynamics GP. We use modules written by the Magento community, or find a middleware solution that provides an interpretation layer between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Magento.

How we can tightly integrate Sage 100 ERP with your eCommerce website via an API connection, or other custom solution. We use the Sage API via Data for tight system integrations.

Our experience with Bronto CRM and marketing automation software and how we can tightly integrate Bronto with your eCommerce website. Bronto has a fully integrated extension already built for Magento. We can install the extension, add API keys, and configure it to suit.

For businesses that utilize Salesforce CRM, there are integration solutions available to streamline the transference of data between your website and CRM. We customize API’s provided by Salesforce.

Magento Can Be Fully Themed

Your store can look just like the rest of your website—it shouldn’t be noticeable when customers move from the content management system (CMS) to the eCommerce platform.

Magento Offers Merchants Flexibility and Control

User experience, catalogs, inventory, and functionality are all easy to customize.

Magento eCommerce is Well Documented and Supported

Hundreds of thousands of people are using and improving this open source platform. More than 200 developers are working on it as part of the Magento team, which is a well-funded company behind it (after being spun out of Ebay in 2015). Founded by a web development company that, having worked extensively with businesses and marketers, built Magento to be more user friendly and provide the kinds of display features that non-technical sales and marketing professionals wanted in their systems, Magento has since changed the industry standard for the kind of functionality an eCommerce system should offer its admin.