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Magento Commerce

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Transform Your Online Store

You need a fully-featured online store that integrates seamlessly with your back office and is built for growth. 

We build scalable, custom-branded online stores that are easy to use and completely integrated into your site’s look and feel. 

Magento Commerce

We find that Magento generally offers all the capabilities our clients are seeking for their online stores. For example, it includes a sales section to make quick work of daily fulfillment activities, as well as inventory configured with unlimited product attributes. It offers powerful tools that can be used for promotion based on any attribute or order scenario, customer accounts, and segmentation, and the ability to theme the front-end however you like.

Magento eCommerce is Well Documented and Supported

Hundreds of thousands of people are using and improving this open source platform. More than 200 developers are working on it as part of the Magento team, which is a well-funded company behind it (after being spun out of Ebay in 2015). Founded by a web development company that, having worked extensively with businesses and marketers, built Magento to be more user friendly and provide the kinds of display features that non-technical sales and marketing professionals wanted in their systems, Magento has since changed the industry standard for the kind of functionality an eCommerce system should offer its admin.

Magento Can Be Fully Themed

Your store can look just like the rest of your website—it shouldn’t be noticeable when customers move from the content management system (CMS) to the eCommerce platform.

Magento Offers Merchants Flexibility and Control

User experience, catalogs, inventory, and functionality are all easy to customize.

Magento Reflects Learning From All eCommerce Platforms Before It

It has absorbed many of their best practices and put them into a modern user interface. Magento's open source platform means that the system is constantly being updated by a wide community of people working toward a common goal of improving the internet experience. The whole concept of Magento originated because the founders saw a lack of functionality and everyday practicality in the older systems, and built Magento to offer what those systems lacked.

We are honored and very fortunate to have Bear as our consulting team for keeping our website on the cutting edge of this rapidly changing world of eCommerce.

Seann Bardell