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Moroso Performance Products

Optimizing Adobe Commerce to meet the need for speed

Moroso Performance Products specializes in products for racing enthusiasts. The capabilities of Adobe Commerce (Magento) proved to be the perfect match for all their brand needs.


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Moroso Performance Products

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Moroso Performance Products

Harnessing the capabilities of Adobe Commerce to meet the high-powered needs of this performance parts brand.

One of the world's most respected suppliers of automotive equipment for racing and street performance applications, Moroso Performance Products manufactures more than 4,000 products, from oil pans and oiling systems to chassis and suspension equipment. Their customers range from new racers to professional NASCAR® and NHRA/IHRA race teams.

The Challenge

Moroso uses abas ERP integrated with Adobe Commerce (Magento) and initially came to us for help implementing the improved abas extension we created on their website. As part of that effort, we took a deep look under the hood and came back with a full performance report focusing on these areas:

  • Performance Audit: Core web vitals and extensions were used to survey script errors or inconsistencies, gather speed scores, and assess file and image optimization.
  • Admin Audit: An investigation of the site’s administration section was performed to assess site structure, enabled modules, and common configuration pitfalls.
  • Code Review: A code review of custom code was performed focusing on implementations that can lead to performance or security issues.
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The Solution

This led to a few quick fixes we could tackle, as well as a secondary proposal for some of the larger performance issues uncovered during that process.

One of the larger areas that needed improvement was the website’s front-end theme or design. While the website looked fine, it was based on a stock theme that had been customized but was quite out of date with script errors and structured in a way that bypassed the Magento cache system. 

We began with an upgrade to the newest version of Adobe Commerce, entirely removed the stock theme and its components, and instead used a Magento base theme customized with Moroso branding and features, to improve the website’s performance and navigation.

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The Results

With performance and speed being at the heart of Moroso Performance Products, Bear Group relished the opportunity to help their team speed up their website and remove barriers to sales. The newly performance-tuned Moroso.com website went live in March 2022, and we continue to support their team in our Run State program.

Case Study Highlights

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New Platform

Moroso took advantage of the full potential of Adobe Commerce for its website revamp.

Online Performance

A detailed performance, admin, and code audit allowed Moroso to integrate with abas ERP and improve any site issues — small and large.

Front End Improvements

Moroso utilized a Magento base theme customized with unique branding and features, to improve the website’s performance and navigation.

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