Imprint Plus

New Impressions with a New eCommerce Storefront

Imprint Plus is a British Columbia manufacturer of high-quality, reusable, custom-printed name badges. They have thousands of customers in 102 countries (including 92% of all hotel brands in the world) along with many Fortune 500 companies. CCL Industries purchased the company, as part of its Avery brand portfolio in 2018. 

They needed a new eCommerce storefront to increase efficiency and better serve small- to medium-sized businesses. The storefront needed to have a great UX and to take care of all the commerce transaction basics, but also needed be heavily customized around the unique nature of their business. A perfect fit for Magento.

Imprint Plus Home Page woman handing customer a bag

First Impressions

The expression “you only get one chance to make a great first impression” is especially true for Imprint Plus customers. Nearly everyone wearing their name tags spends their days making first impressions count for their companies.

Their website needs to reflect that ideal, so with that in mind, we introduced the Imprint Plus team to one of our favorite UX partners, Fell Swoop. They began working closely with the Imprint Plus marketing and technology teams to fully understand how to represent and present their business online—helping customers understand what exactly a reusable badge means, how the customer experiences their product, and how customization should work.

It’s a fairly complex customization since a customer can choose shape, style, backings, and many more features for their badge. Fell Swoop delivered a series of wireframes and polished designs and we got to work!

The Build

  • Magento Commerce

    Once the Magento Commerce cloud environment was ready, we began the general configuration and front-end of the website. We made heavy use of Magento’s Page Builder capabilities, and extended them with custom content types—building unique landing pages to wrap their product in explanatory content. The core branding, primary navigation, catalog, and product detail pages began to quickly take shape on the front-end.

    Product Pages

    We needed to create a configurable, bundled product that added up tiered pricing from the components. It was one of the more complex product detail page scenarios we’ve encountered, but we love a good challenge! 

    The customer first selects a shape then size which determines the material and fastener options that are available as well as the inserts or engraving. It’s a seamless experience for customers, but took some unique engineering "under the hood" to bring it to life. The product pages have two distinct paths, where the customer purchases and prints their badge inserts at their offices or where they can upload names and Imprint Plus can print and deliver it to them.

Custom Badge Designer 

Imprint Plus can also design entirely custom badges for their customers. For example, if a hotel chain wants to have their own custom badge then all of their hotels across the world could have access to create/print these badges as new staff members join their team. 

The custom badge designer is a customizer tool where customers are routed from a Magento product detail page through their internally-built customizer application, and back to Magento for checkout. 

Name budge customizer

The Result 

The new Imprint Plus site launched in February 2020.

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