Every Man Jack

A Well-Groomed Commerce Build

Meet Every Man Jack

As a family-owned and operated company that began in the founder’s garage in San Francisco, Every Man Jack specializes in creating men's grooming products that are affordable and use as many plant-based ingredients as possible. 

It was very important to the Every Man Jack team to create an easy and immersive browsing experience for site visitors and to simplify the understanding of products as well as launching their subscription business. Bear Group was excited to partner with Every Man Jack to evolve their existing site into a stronger eCommerce tool, introduce subscription plans for customers, and a new look and feel to showcase their growth.

Screenshot of the every man jack website

A Clean New Build

Every Man Jack had quite a bit of experience with Magento Commerce. They were originally on Magento 1, and the site was currently operating on Magento 2 open source version when we came into the picture. They liked Magento for its flexibility, customization, and ability to run multiple stores (they also have a Women’s brand called Own on the same infrastructure).

With a renewed focus on the online channel, and expected growth from digital marketing strategies, a beefier solution was needed. Cloud-based Magento Commerce became the right choice for the business to better support the rapid growth online and provide a stronger fully managed hosting foundation, direct support from Magento, and all the enterprise-level features like Page Builder (that the site couldn’t have been built without).

The Design

We partnered with Blue Collar Design Agency for a fresh redesign of the Every Man Jack website. The design team at Blue Collar worked with the leadership and marketing team at Every Man Jack to refine and enhance the visual representation for the new site.

The new homepage features dynamic video and an excellent introduction to the brand and customer experience. The site experience is tailored to different visitor types, has account notification features, and a personalized experience for shoppers.


Screenshot of the every man jack website

Key Subscription Features:

  • Starter kits, that convert to full-size

  • Subscriptions to a “box”

  • Frequency management

  • Conversion a standard one-time purchase to a subscription

  • Editing subscription contents for next box

  • Modifying the box before the next shipment

  • Integrated one-time or subscriptions on single PDP

  • Custom cart flow for subscriptions

Key Design Features:

  • Complex multi-column with image navigation

  • Mobile-first, mobile-friendly support

  • Digital payments

  • Key support pages (like FAQ) that really help with subscription conversions

  • Categorization by Fragrance, by Product type

  • Custom “product wall” pages with callouts that can be easily managed by admins

  • Cool category roll-over and buy/subscribe

Screenshot of the every man jack website

The UX

Innovative UX design helped to tailor the shopping cart to assist users through the checkout process to choose products and subscription options to best fit their individual needs. Visual cues were used to create a clear path for the customers including alert messages, and an intuitive cart experience served as an educational piece for users for the various options available.

Successful Site Launch

The project team kicked off design in July and wanted to be live no later than the end of October 2019. We met the deadline and the new Every Man Jack was up and running in time for holiday shopping.