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Subscriptions on an Adobe Commerce Website

Building a Subscription Line of Business on Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Seattle Coffee Gear helps customers make an excellent cup of coffee in the comfort of their own home. Naturally, they strive to make it easy for customers to reorder and discover new products so they set out to implement a sophisticated coffee subscription line of business with their existing Adobe Commerce (Magento) website.

Since coffee is a replenishment item, a subscription business allows customers to order once and set up recurring shipments so they don’t need to remember to place the same order over and over. Other benefits of adding a subscription line of business include a customer lifetime value that is significantly higher over a non-subscribing customer, lower customer acquisition costs, brand affinity, regular interactions, and reliable revenue.


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The Scoping Process

  • We start all subscription projects with a deep dive into the business and customer flows. There are typically multiple entry points for customers to navigate through the subscription process. During this scoping phase we draft a concrete implementation plan that will guide development.

    This technical scope doc will guide the development plan and necessary areas of customization required. Our scoping docs include:

    • Defining the base technology, payments, and extension stack.
    • Defining the various types of subscription offers. For example: Coffee Club, Gift Subscriptions, and Subscribe & Save.
    • The subscription entry points and how updates will occur. This typically results in a user flow diagram with all the various decision points.
    • Working with the UX team, we’ll build interactive wires for how the customer will interact through those flows. 
    • Often quick prototypes with more details on the user flow.
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The Build

After the scoping phase, Seattle Coffee Gear went straight into the build. Using the Paradox Labs Adaptive Subscriptions module as a base, the Bear Group team built a highly-custom integration with Adobe Commerce, their ERP system, and Klaviyo email marketing.

Their build ultimately included subscription customizations for three primary user flows, support for multi-destination subscriptions, existing subscription data migration, all relevant front-end development for subscription landing pages, account dashboards, and product detail pages. 

Seattle Coffee Gear was able to launch their new subscription line of business in time for the 2021 holiday season. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!

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