Our Experience with AdSense

AdSense was first launched by Google in 2003, and is basically what turned Google into Google. Google’s AdSense was the first ad service to start serving ads based on what people were searching for. AdSense enables publishers who are part of the AdWords network to display Google advertising on their website.

The greatest benefit to AdSense is that you turn a lot of traffic and use a sophisticated ad network without having to build those relationships by hand. Integrating AdSense is also a simple process, we only need to drop in their provided codes on your website to make you a participant in Google’s ad network.

AdSense has also been the service to define the standards of the IAB - Interactive Advertising Bureau - for years. (You can review a list of those standards here.)

In the past we’ve worked with AdSense for RealSelf, Switchback Travel, and Northwest Navy News.

The Benefits

  • Wide Variety of Ad Types: Google offers multiple kinds of ad types - text, display, responsive ads - you get to choose the type of ad. Ex I want a 300x300 video space and drop in the right code, but you have no control over the kind of video shows up.

  • Manage Ad Space: AdSense allows you to manage any available advertising space on your website that advertisers would bid for. You control the kinds of ads that make it onto your website, and can specify what kind of category of ads that you want.

  • Mobile Responsive: AdSense is configured to be mobile responsive, ensuring that your ads fit to any screen experience.

  • AdSense Mobile App: Control and manage your ads from an easily navigable platform. AdSense also offers a mobile app from which you can design ads and monitor the success of your current ads.

  • AdSense Experiments: Google’s AdSense experiments works like a forecasting tool in that it analyzes the projected success of your website through testing. One of the most convenient features of this is that you can test different versions of ads against each other, measuring the optimal success of each of your ads.

When do we Recommend AdSense?

If you can’t own your own ad network, we recommend AdSense. AdSense is usually a stepping stone for new publishers, if you’re unfamiliar with ad publishing it offers a good way to get into the ad revenue game.