Is Adobe Commerce the same as Magento?

Jenna Weber

If you work in ecommerce you've very likely heard of Magento. But is Adobe Commerce the same ecommerce platform as Magento? Let's unpack that.

Are Magento and Adobe Commerce the same thing?

In short, yes, they are the same. As of April 2021, Adobe changed the name of Magento Commerce Cloud to Adobe Commerce. Here's a quick overview of the platform name changes over the years:

  • Magento Enterprise → Magento Commerce Cloud → Adobe Commerce
  • Magento Community Edition (CE) → Magento Open Source

So if you see mention of Adobe Commerce, it’s the platform formerly known as Magento. But don’t confuse this with Magento Open Source, which we discuss below.

What are the differences between Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source?

Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) is one of the leading website platforms available, and for good reason. Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source share a lot of the same foundation and there can be some confusion about which platform will best meet a business’ ecommerce needs. 

Adobe Commerce is a licensed PaaS (Platform as a Service) product that comes with a managed server environment. It allows your developer's full access to the core code and git repository to extend and build upon the foundational code. It is a great choice for businesses doing B2B-type features or B2C needing extensive customization.

On the other hand, Magento Open Source is the non-licensed, free version of the platform. It uses the same API and core code base, but some of the key features that are useful for enterprise clients are missing. We cover these distinctions in further detail in our blog comparing Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source

Final Thoughts

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