Magento Ecommerce Development & Integrations

We Specialize in Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Our focus in Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento — the leading provider of cloud-based ecommerce solutions for B2B and B2C industries — gives us deep expertise in the platform. For more than a decade, we’ve brought the power of Magento’s technology to merchants and brands looking to grow and transform their business. 

Development Services for Custom Adobe Commerce Websites

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Major Builds

We build and scale Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento, to fit your processes, audiences, and brand. We also integrate with additional website platforms or ecommerce operations systems.

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Roadmapped Projects

Ongoing development is performed periodically to address items in your backlog and continuously drive your website forward.

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Ongoing Support

Launching your website is just the beginning. We offer proactive, reliable maintenance support to keep your site at its best.

Platform Partner

We've built on Adobe Commerce since 2008 when it was still called Magento Commerce. As an Adobe Silver Partner and 2019 recipient of Adobe's North American Rocket Award, we know the platform inside and out. 

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Customized to Your Business

Adobe Commerce can be customized to support the process, user navigation, and customer journey of any business. Here are a few examples of how we configure the platform: 

  • Create different websites, stores, or store views to all be managed from your admin. panel 

  • Create catalog and product attributes for bundling, tiered pricing, or inventory management. 

  • Customize checkout and post-order processing to manage delivery, shipping, and payment.

  • Customize your ecommerce website with customer management and communication tools. 


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Bear Group Development Services for Custom Magento Websites

Upgrading to Magento 2

Bear Group provides assistance with Adobe Commerce and Magento system upgrades, helping you migrate your content safely from your older website to newly released versions of the platform without loss to organization or data. Adobe provides resources that allow for this transition as easily as possible, allowing us as developers to transition your data and implement your organization within your new storefront.

Front-End Development, Theming, and Web Design

Our front-end development team works alongside your designers to create a dynamic, live website from static designs. Additionally, we work together to build a website with a unique and custom branded UX that has been tailored to your customer's journey. 

Bear Group Development Services for Adobe Commerce Websites
Bear Group Development Services for Custom Magento Websites

Ecommerce Integrations

Ecommerce systems integrations include tools used by businesses to manage accounting, order processing, customer management, and production. We've worked with clients across a broad spectrum of business needs to help them find the right tool to integrate with their website or to develop a custom connection between a new website and an existing system. 

We've integrated payment gateways, customer management systems, accounting systems, ERP software, and middleware.

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