Guide to Leading a Website Redesign

Dedicating time early in the website redesign process to plan your approach will help the project go more smoothly, save time, and make launch day that much more enjoyable.

What's Inside?

Creating a project plan

Starting with a clear project plan to gain team consensus around high-level goals, website audiences, team responsibilities, timeline, and project budget.

Planning your new website

Performing a content audit of your website, pulling key analytics, user pathways, competitors, inspiration sites, accessibility requirements, and gathering stakeholder insights.

Preparing website content

Gathering together clear content docs that align with your new website designs and keeping track of your progress as you prepare content and build new pages.

Free Planning Templates

Free Planning Templates

Get a jump start on your planning! We put together our favorite tried-and-true templates for leading a website redesign and included them in the Guide to Leading a Website Redesign. When you download the Guide, you'll get access to these helpful resources:

  • Project planning workbook
  • Project timeline template
  • Content audit template
  • Content & progress tracker template

This is exactly what I was hoping to find when I was doing my initial research. This is such a valuable guide.

Samantha, Senior Digital Marketing Manager
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