Guide to B2B Ecommerce for Manufacturers

Today it is significantly easier to have an ecommerce platform that supports your operational needs—is tightly integrated with your other systems and easy to maintain—while also delighting your customers. This free guide gives manufacturers a starting point as you consider ecommerce.

What's Inside?

Customer Experience Expectations

The customer experience (CX) is more important than ever. We'll dive into the changing needs of B2B customers when it comes to buying online. 

Ecommerce Benefits

There are many benefits for manufacturers entering B2B ecommerce. We'll explore some of the top benefits for business.

B2B Case Studies

We cover seven case studies of successful B2B manufacturers selling online and breakdown their approach.

Why Learn From Bear Group?

We’ve helped clients navigate web projects of every size and complexity. Our 16 years of experience make us a partner that understands the website challenges and solutions for today's businesses.

They're advisors to us. It's critical help for those of us who aren't developers to understand the pros and cons of different decisions.

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