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Bear Group Retrospective
Greg Bear, Travis Caldwell, and Nikkita Walker

Our prospective look at things to come in the new year, the shifts in technology and culture we expect to impact the execution of digital marketing in the modern age. 

Travis Caldwell and Nikkita Walker

From a glance, it’s possible to immediately separate high-performing content from just another dry blog or newsfeed. It’s impossible to create that level of unique, quality content without web development resources.

Bear Group Custom MarTech Integrations
Nikkita Walker

After attending MarTech 2017, we noticed that one of the most common issues most marketers were facing was not having an integrated MarTech stack. Here’s the solution to that problem, and why the complexity of the answer may be why so few people...

Bear Group Website Conversion MarTech
Nikkita Walker and Travis Caldwell

When looking for ways to increase conversions, you want to make sure that your website is optimized to support your digital strategy.

Bear Group Bear Ideas
Nikkita Walker and Greg Bear

There’s a big difference in benefits between just adapting the next great marketing tool, and building an ecosystem of martech specifically tailored to your business’s customer lifecycle.

Drupal 8 Migrations
Nikkita Walker

It’s been a year since Drupal released their new version 8 platform; if you haven’t made a migration plan yet, here are a few things you should consider.

Bear Group Bear Ideas
Travis Caldwell and Nikkita Walker

Split testing has received a lot of positive attention for it’s attributed success driving conversion rates for Amazon, Google, and Optimizing your web design requires insight–here’s how you get that from split testing software.