Bear Ideas

Our Favorite Drupal Modules of 2021

At Bear Group, our developers and technical project managers research, evaluate, and work with many Drupal modules based on our clients’ needs. Based on our experience, we’ve pulled together a list of some of our favorite Drupal modules so far this year.

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Business Challenges Solved with B2B Ecommerce

There are a few "themes" that emerge in the type of challenges companies hope to solve using B2B eCommerce. We've pulled together eight case studies to illustrate the business challenges and ways our clients have found B2B eCommerce success. 

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How Server and Network Speed Affect Website Performance

When we talk about website performance, it's important to consider the actual speed in which the server hosting your website code can get and return a response. We dive into ways to monitor server and network speed in our latest website performance series blog post.  

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