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Travis Caldwell and Nikkita Walker

It’s possible to immediately separate high-performing content from just another dry blog at a glance. It’s impossible to create that level of quality content without web development resources.

Bear Group Website Project Scoping
Nikkita Walker

Approaching a new project can be difficult, especially as you try to orient it within your current goals or existing website strategy. Here’s where you should begin in order to plan a successful project.

Bear Group Web Hosting Options for Websites
Nikkita Walker

With marketing being given increasing ownership over the website, infrastructure is an aspect of website strategy that marketing should also have a say in. Hosting determines your website's speed, security, SEO, and other features–here's what...

Bear Group Drupal CMS Review
Nikkita Walker

As you spend time evaluating predictive analytics tools and judging which CRM has the most to offer in the way of supporting your business objectives, make sure you’re devoting just as much time and attention to the central component of your...

Greg Bear and Nikkita Walker

We started Bear Group because we wanted to help our clients’ companies thrive. Now, one decade and thousands of launches later, we look back at why web development has become a necessary part marketing today.

Bear Group CMO Tech Marketing Spending
Nikkita Walker

A few years ago Gartner Group made the claim that by 2017 the CMO would outspend the CIO. Now in the middle of 2017, we take a look at how accurate this claim was and what tech CMO's are purchasing. 

Bear Group Drupal CMS Benefits
Nikkita Walker

How you can easily build out custom sort orders with Drupal’s module Views. Unlike other CMS systems, Views allows for customization, security, tight integrations, and easy management.