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Bear Group Retrospective
Greg Bear, Travis Caldwell, and Nikkita Walker

Our prospective look at things to come in the new year, the shifts in technology and culture we expect to impact the execution of digital marketing in the modern age. 

Bear Group Bear Ideas
Travis Caldwell and Nikkita Walker

Split testing has received a lot of positive attention for it’s attributed success driving conversion rates for Amazon, Google, and Optimizing your web design requires insight–here’s how you get that from split testing software.

Bear Group Bear Ideas
Nikkita Walker

Establishing a responsibility matrix for your website creates a clear line of contact between you and the right support provider. Knowing who’s responsible for each part of your website’s tech stack–ahead of time–will save you valuable time when...

Greg Bear and Shilo Jones

Shilo Jones, Managing Director of SweetMetrics and Director of eCommerce for Destination Lighting, discusses all things eCommerce with Bear Group president, Greg Bear.

Bear Ideas Technical Emergencies Post
Nikkita Walker and Greg Bear

In the second post of our technical emergencies series, we discuss common network issues that can make your website appear as though it’s down, and what to do to prepare and support your website’s connection.

Bear Ideas
Nikkita Walker

When facing technical emergencies, identifying the seriousness of your issue is the first step towards fixing it. Here's the spectrum of issues your website will likely face at some point. 

Bear Group Bear Ideas Article
Nikkita Walker

How to organize your website for all audience segments, creating a navigation that offers each user what they need.