Queen Anne Painting

A SaaS Build


Queen Anne Painting has served as the premier painting and carpentry outfit for the Seattle region since 1977. From residential to commercial projects, Queen Anne Painting has been elevating spaces for over 40 years but their site needed a fresh coat of paint to better serve the brand. Queen Anne Painting is one of Bear Group’s oldest clients so we were happy to re-engage with the team to craft a new site worthy of the Queen Anne Painting name.

Queen Anne Painting Home Page


Right-sizing the platform

Queen Anne Painting was a client of Bear Group’s in 2007, and back then we built it on the Drupal open-source CMS. That was rebuilt in the 2010’s on Wordpress, which was difficult for the Queen Anne Painting team to manage and they still had to keep the code updated on their own hosting. A no-fuss platform was desired to provide the framework for the new site and Squarespace was chosen as the CMS. Squarespace offers a simple admin interface that is easy for the internal team to manage. Since Squarespace is a fully hosted/managed Software as a Service platform it doesn’t require any ongoing hosting or maintenance to keep it secure. We started with one of the fairly stock base themes that are available in Squarespace, then expanded to fit a more custom design. This design took a bit of fine-tuning to work in the platform, but it came together.  We manually migrated in all the content pages and new assets, as well as the addition of new copy as it came in. 

The site turned out really lovely, showcases the level of work only Queen Anne Painting can do, and is a great jumping-off point for prospective clients interested in their incredible service.

Queen Anne Painting