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Sovereignty Wines

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Based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Sovereignty Wines is a boutique wine merchant specializing in rare and unique wines. This family-owned business prides itself on its collection of vintages—offering something for everyone. With a complex product catalog and particular shipping needs, Sovereignty Wines needed a website that could do it all. Shopify was a great fit.


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The Challenge

Sovereignty Wines has always had a goal in mind — to gain a better foothold in the global wine market, expand their business, and efficiently manage inventory. Recruiting Neon Pig to manage the design of the website, they requested our collaboration on the development side of their site.

After digging into the Sovereignty Wines website and working alongside them, there were some key challenges to address in development:

  • Compliance with online age verification, state and federal rules for shipping wine, and gathering digital signatures.
  • Importing and managing thousands of SKUs.
  • Integrating with their unique POS System (Tiger POS) with no API available.
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The Solution

When managing products that can be both rare and expensive, it was critical to have a reliable way to manage site inventory using a custom inventory update from their Point of Sale (POS) system. We helped Sovereignty Wines connect their current POS system to manage inventory and develop a system that would connect directly with their Shopify site for easy categorization and inventory management.

They can now manage their delivery options and custom checkout functionality depending on location, product type, and quantity. They also utilized an app called Intuitive Shipping to work with Shopify to be able to ship wine directly or allow for in-store pickup at certain locations.

The new Sovereignty Wines ecommerce storefront opened for business in August 2022.

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