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The Human Bean

Brewing up an all-new commerce experience

The Human Bean, a growing drive-thru coffee chain with hundreds of locations across the United States, recently launched all-new Shopify websites to better serve consumers and franchise partners.


  • Technical Scoping
  • Shopify Development
  • Ecommerce Integrations


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Meet The Human Bean

The Human Bean story showing a drive thru location

Meet The Human Bean

The Human Bean is a growing drive-thru coffee chain with hundreds of locations across the United States. They use high-quality, sustainable coffee and craft a wide variety of delicious drinks with customer service at the heart of the business.

The Challenge

When we first met with The Human Bean’s marketing team, they were looking to move away from their WooCommerce store and WordPress site. The fragmented experience made it difficult to manage and they needed to elevate the digital experience for franchisees and consumers alike. Shopify was the ideal platform for their business needs.

Having recently completed a fresh rebrand with AHM Brands, the team got to work on the new UI/UX for the stores as Bear Group began planning their systems integrations with Shopify.

The menu page on The Human Bean website showing several drink categories

The Solution

The Human Bean’s business depends on growing with additional franchise locations throughout the country. They needed a website that served up information for anyone interested in franchise opportunities as well as a place where franchise members could go to access wholesale products for their businesses.

They also were in need of a consumer-facing website and store where consumers could find nearby locations, explore drinks, learn about the company, and buy brand products.

We ended up creating two Shopify websites—one for the franchise-facing side of the business and one for the consumer-facing side of the business. Both stores utilize the same global UI/UX, making it simple and versatile for The Human Bean to re-purpose sections as needed in the future.

Project Highlights

Inventory Integrations

There are shared products between the franchise and consumer site, so we synced the products inventory while keeping the pricing and quantity rules separate. That way, a consumer can purchase small amounts of products at retail cost and a franchisee can purchase a higher quantity of products at the wholesale cost.

Dynamic Drink Menus with Shopify’s Meta Objects

The drink menus section of the website started with spreadsheets of data and came together using Shopify's new Metaobjects feature to dynamically pull structured information from different places into category pages. Setting it up this way means that information like ingredients and each drink’s nutritional facts are housed in Shopify and populate the page tables based on the sizes and options for each drink.

Custom Store Locator

Another key feature of The Human Bean site is the store locator. Built with a combination of Mapbox and StoreRocket; it utilizes their SOCI app to pull in unique details for each location while acting as an intuitive map tool for consumers.

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