Save a Cup

Weaving Together Content and eCommerce

Based in Los Angeles, Save a Cup is a producer of high-quality mugs, tumblers, and water bottles. Save a Cup manages much of their business online, selling their product B2B and direct to consumer. Having a strong eCommerce tool, especially one that can be customized to support their tiered pricing structure, is a priority to their team.

Creating a Project Strategy

Save a Cup’s store had initially been built on Magento® 1.0 Open Source. Since then, a new release of Magento had come out and Save a Cup wanted to take advantage of the new features. Additionally, they wanted to move their website to the Magento Commerce environment, where it could be fully hosted and supported by Magento.

With the 2018 holiday season approaching, one of their goals was to make the conversion happen in 8 weeks - just in time for Black Friday.

Migrating to a New Website

Our first step was a short scoping and discovery phase, to make sure we understood the customizations and current extension that had been built into their Magento 1.0 platform. This was followed by a programmatic migration of Save a Cup’s product, customer, and order history data using a custom script written by our developer, the migration was quick, direct, and repeatable.

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Custom Tiered Pricing

Save a Cup’s website is dependent on custom product pages, pricing tiers, and cart functionality. To create these, we used Magento’s built-in grouped product type to establish parent SKU’s with underlying simple SKU’s (typically color selections). However, instead of tiered pricing based on underlying SKU’s (which is the default behavior), they needed the sum of the product grouping quantity to define the final tiered price.

We customized Save a Cup’s tiered pricing so that when new items and quantities on a grouped product page are changed, the tiered pricing reflects the total. If customers want to edit items in their shopping cart during checkout, they will be redirected back to the product page instead of editing items directly in the cart. The product page will be re-populated with their current simple SKU, quantity selections, and pricing tier (instead of just an empty PDP which is the default behavior).

Sage ERP

Save a Cup uses the Sage ERP system to process fulfillment, order management, and accounting. Save a Cup engaged Sage specialists at ROI Consulting to integrate Sage with their Magento webstore.

Learn more about our work with Sage ERP.

Klavio Email Marketing

We tied in Save a Cup’s email marketing platform to their website. Any submitted webforms or email data is passed directly into Klavia. Webforms and newsletter signups that are visible on the Save a Cup website have been themed to match the rest of the website.

A Refreshed Look and Feel

Migrating the Save a Cup website from Magento 1.0 to Magento 2.0 required rebuilding the site theme. Working with Save a Cup’s in-house designer, our team recreated an updated website theme for Save a Cup based on their brand’s unique style.

The Save a Cup website successfully had all content and data migrated, its theme rebuilt, and its key functionality recreated by an early November deadline. Just in time for the holiday season.