Magento, Customized for B2B

IDEX Health & Science is the world’s leading provider of fluidic systems and components. Dominantly an OEM company, IDEX provides components to a myriad of fluidic devices, from crucial medical devices to school cafeteria juice dispensers. IDEX’s website represents the company’s digital presence online, and as a B2B website, it was important to the IDEX team that they created a seamless eCommerce experience for their clients.

We were first introduced to IDEX by their design firm, who had been working with them for over 25 years. When IDEX needed development and project management assistance from a firm with Magento expertise, their firm recommended us.

IDEX’s previous developers had been available on a needs-basis, which meant that there was often a weeks-long waiting period before observed website issues were fixed. When we sat down with IDEX, they made it clear that they needed developers capable of jumping into a backlog of issues they needed addressed. Carefully planning out their work into 2-week sprints, we were able to create a plan of consistent, ongoing website updates for the IDEX website.

Better Website Performance With a Strategy For Integrity

We were first engaged in 2016 for a series of maintenance and update sprints on IDEX’s completed Magento website. On a monthly sprint basis, we have been working to clear IDEX’s backlog of reported issues and initiate a website performance tuning sprint. Working together with both the IDEX marketing and IT departments, we introduced new features to their website and improved site performance, enabling their website to load faster. We also modified several integrations with JD Edwards–their ERP tool–and provided general technical support for their B2B commerce operations.

Creating Secure Server Environments

When creating websites, there are typically three server environments: dev, where initial work is built, stage, where new systems are tested, and the live environment that users can access. Initially, each of these environments was being updated separately and out of sync with the “master” branches of their code base. We synchronized each of these environments to be completely up-to-date with each other, adjusting their deployment flow, and providing a structure for web operations that ensured everything would be committed and pushed to each stage correctly for review.

The benefit of this is that new code changes will have been reviewed on two environments before being launched into production. With so many eyes on every website update, we lowered the risk of errors being introduced in the coding process.

Ongoing Development

We have remained engaged with IDEX on a support basis, and currently spend two weeks out of every month revisiting IDEX to build upon our initial work and pursue the marketing team’s development roadmap.