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Meet Biomark

For over thirty years, Biomark has supported the aquaculture and natural resource communities with its state-of-the-art PIT tags, which are used to track and research wild animals. The information from the tags provides vital data on the behavior of individual animals, metrics, and locations.

The previous Biomark website was built on a proprietary content management system which can be difficult to keep maintained, lacked features of more commonly used systems, and wouldn't support their desire to explore commerce options in the future. 

To support these mission-based endeavors, the Biomark team opted to build a new website to enhance performance and overall user experience while establishing a solid foundation for their website going forward.

Biomark Home Page

The Build

We recommended Magento 2 Community Edition platform for their website for several reasons. First off, the parent company to Biomark had successfully launched its website using the platform, and the team wanted to standardize on a single technology base across the company. Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform paired with powerful content creation tools. It also provided enhanced site performance, security and user-friendly administrative features for the Biomark team. 

Based on the parent company's existing brand, Bear Group’s design partner established a visual direction for the new website theme that is clean, responsive, and supports the key visual aspects of the brand.

Quote Builder

A primary feature of the new website is the ability for customers to login to their accounts and build a quote that is sent directly to the sales team for follow up. While this functionality is built into the Commerce Cloud and B2B edition, this is not a standard capability for Magento Open Source. Our developers leveraged an extension and customized the checkout flow to allow customers to build quotes that submit into sales.

The Launch

Biomark unveiled its new website in fall of 2019, and in addition to the elevated user experience for visitors to the site, their internal team is enjoying how easy it is to manage their catalog and quote systems using Magento's admin panel. Magento is a solid technology base for their needs today and will be ready to roll when they're ready to add eCommerce capabilities in the future.