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A2Z Balloons

Creating a whimsical website with impressive performance upgrades

A2Z Balloons is mainly a wholesaler to clowns, party and balloon stores, decorators, and balloon animal makers. Together we tailored Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) to suit their ecommerce needs.


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Meet A2Z Balloons

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Meet A2Z Balloons

We’ve worked with many fantastic clients over the years, and it wouldn’t be a stretch for us to say that A2Z is one of them. Based out of Michigan, originally founded in 1938 from a merger of two companies, A2Z Balloons sells many different party supplies, but of course, their number one product is an unimaginable amount and variety of balloons.

Bear Group has continued to provide exceptional one-on-one support in the growth of our website for several years. Their consistent responsiveness has made them an absolute asset to our company.

James, A2Z Balloons

The Challenge

A2Z Balloons had been experiencing unusual issues with their former Adobe Commerce (Magento) website in the form of session sharing, carts vanishing, design oddities, content management difficulties, and slow speeds. Their goal was to upgrade to Adobe Commerce Cloud, fix performance issues, streamline extensions, update the look and feel, and make their website easier to manage for their team.

Our team started with a complete audit of their current system to see where we could make improvements. After reviewing their website and technology stack, we discovered that their Adobe Commerce website had been weighed down with over 60 extensions. We scoped out a plan of action that would cut down the number of extensions in use, update the theme and informational architecture of the website, make management simpler, and improve the overall performance and security of the website.

Extensions weighing down their old Magento website
a balloon arch of pink balloons

The Solution

We first started by updating or removing the extensions that had been added to the website. After consulting with the A2Z Balloons team to learn what was necessary and what was unnecessary, we customized their website itself to perform the functions that the extension had been meant for.

In the end, we were able to cut A2Z Balloon’s Magento platform down to less than 15 extensions—from 68.

A2Z Balloons wanted to update the layout of their website to make navigating their massive inventory and shopping easier for their customers. After consulting with their team about a typical user journey, we created new layouts for their homepage and product pages. Customers on A2Z Balloons can navigate an improved information architecture, utilize drop-down menus, or do a quick search.

various screenshots of the A2Z Balloons website

The Results

After just four weeks, A2Z Balloons launched their new website. Performance optimized, secure, easy to use, and easy to manage, administrators and customers on the A2Z Balloons website can now enjoy a better shopping experience.

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