Adyen is a payment gateway service used worldwide, and most notably by high-traffic websites such as Netflix, Uber, Spotify, and LinkedIn. Adyen is a flexible payment gateway integration that can be customized to fit the unique layout of a website, while protecting sensitive financial information.

The Benefits of Integrating Adyen

  • Over 250 Payment Methods: Adyen works with a wide range of payment methods, including foreign currencies, wallet apps, credit and debit cards, as well as e-checks.

  • Revenue Tools: Adyen provides tools, like RevenueAccelerate and RevenueProtect, that help you manage, protect, and optimize on customer data to help you drive conversions.

  • Easy Subscription Management: Adyen provides tools that help you monitor and manage subscription accounts and payments, easily making updates as needs be.

  • Integration: Adyen integrates with your system, allowing you to customize the look and feel for a seamless checkout experience, but it maintains your customer’s sensitive financial information. Through the use of tokenized payments, you can collect useful consumer data, like emails and shopping history, and still maintain PCI compliance.

  • Support for Global Transactions: Adyen can help you serve up localized transaction experiences for your consumers based on their country and currency.

  • POS Support: Adyen can support point of sale payments, integrating with your website and other third-party systems in order to keep your transaction data and inventory up-to-date.

  • Single Dashboard for All Payments: Whether accepting payments through POS, apps, or your website, Adyen provides a user interface that allows you to monitor transactions coming through your system from any location.

Our Experience

Adyen is an all-purpose tool as far as handling payments online. Adyen maintains a Magento® Module that allows you to incorporate their payment gateway into your Magento site easily. We recommend Adyen for larger businesses, high-volume processors, or companies that handle payments from a variety of currencies.