Our Experience With Eventbrite

For clients looking for an event management and registration system, we often recommend Eventbrite. Eventbrite is simple to use, managing event creation, registration, and any additional tasks–like event updates and email reminders–required for event registration.

Additionally, if you’re running quite a lot of events–like a speaker series, or as part of an event-based marketing strategy–you can manage all of your events in one place, using the same tools to create, monitor, and manage each of them.

Who have we integrated eventbrite for AIGA and Glazer’s Camera. We typically build an information landing page inside the CMS and include a registration button or link to direct users to the Eventbrite event registration for the specific event.

The Benefits

  • Simple User Interface: Eventbrite’s user interface allows you to customize your event pages, making it somewhat unique to your specific brand or event. You also have control over more complicated options as well, such as different ticket types and promotional discount codes.

  • Attendee Management: Event registration isn’t complex (could just use a webform). However, it’s not unusual to need to give attendees the chance to decline, request refunds as their plans change, or in case of changing event locations or final speakers. Our favorite benefit of Eventbrite–that’s difficult to replicate–is the ability to easily manage and communicate with your attendees.

  • Transactions: Eventbrite’s website handles transactions securely. This is great for companies who do not already process payments, or prefer to outsource all their payment management.

  • Featured Event Content: You can use Eventbrite to create custom event pages with direct links, which you can feature on your website, in email sends, or on social posts.

  • Event Analytics: Eventbrite’s analytics service helps you track your event down to the most minute details, analyzing data such as the number of tickets sold, cancellations, and discount codes used.

  • Manage Offline Ticket Sales: Eventbrite offers an app that you can use to keep your event’s data up-to-date by mediating offline sales.

When Do We Recommend Eventbrite

Eventbrite’s biggest benefit is its ease of use–it’s fairly hassle free for both event administrators and event attendees. It makes registration simple for your attendees, and is a great platform for managing your event and coordinating any associated event communication.