Our Experience with Aventri

Aventri offers a wide set of features to event administrators, allowing them to coordinate registration, email marketing, and financial transactions with relative ease. Managing Aventri is straightforward, offering event organizers a comprehensive user interface from which they can manage all aspects of their event.

Integrating Aventri is a simple process. Most often we build the event pages on our client’s website and then export the finished HTML into Aventri for email sends. We’ve integrated Aventri for AIGA, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, in the past.

The Benefits

  • Transaction Management: Instead of storing financial information on your own website, Aventri mediates financial transactions, protecting the security of your own website.

  • Venue Organization: Aventri has a feature that allows you to find venues within your chosen area, selecting those that fall within your price range and meet your occupancy criteria.

  • Event Page Creation: You can create customized pages for your event, displaying information as well as dynamic content–like videos or images.

  • Email Marketing: You can further your outreach and contact those that fall into your target audience with strategized email sends informing your recipients about your event.

  • Event Layout: Using a simple interface, you can arrange the potential layout of your event within your selected venue, coordinating seating arrangements and booth placements.

  • Budget Tracker: Follow your event’s expenditures and revenue with real-time data updates.

  • API Integrations: Integrate etouches with your website in order to seamlessly redirect event attendees to your event information and registration in Aventri.

  • Network Module: Aventri networking module mediates interactions between participants of your particular event, allowing them to reach out and communicate with each other prior to your event’s date.

When Do We Recommend etouches

Aventri combines CMS, Event Management System, CRM, and Email Marketing features all under one hood. Those are typically discrete systems in sites we build, however, for the right client scenario, it can be a very good all-in-one package for event management.