Syspro ERP

Integration with Magento Commerce

Syspro is a manufacturing ERP software mainly utilized by enterprise-level industries. Receptive to customization, Syspro combines ERP capabilities—business production, order processing, accounting, and post-order functions—with aspects of modern software, including mobility and support for system updates.

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Integrating Syspro with Magento

There are a variety of ways to integrate with Syspro. In our most recent experience, we needed to create a highly custom interaction between the ERP software and the Magento ecommerce platform. Instead of direct integration, we used an established Magento community extension to support communication between the two technologies. When an order is completed in Magento, an XML export static file is written and sent to a secure server location.

From there, Syspro takes those files and processes them through the ERP system, including, in this case, real-time manufacturing, fulfillment, and accounting functions. After this has been done, Syspro then produces another file that contains the tracking information, as well as any other data that it has been customized to report. The majority of the work for this type of integration involves mapping of the fields and XML to correctly transform the data from normal Magento order objects into a format Syspro can read.