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Bronto is both a CRM and Email Automation platform. It is an ideal solution for Adobe Commerce (Magento) merchants who see the initial transaction as the beginning of an entire lifetime relationship with a customer. In fact, Bronto is the system that coined the term “Commerce Marketing Automation.” It has strong tools for segmenting a customer list, allowing you to use your client's purchase history to very finely tune your email targeting.

Bear Group’s Experience with Bronto

Bear Group first experienced working with Bronto integrations when a client, Oiselle, asked us to evaluate it. They were using MailChimp as just an Email Service Provider (ESP) and needed to find a way to further evolve their marketing communications and have visibility into the LTV of their customers; a system more attuned to Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Bronto’s feature set turned out to be a great option and was straightforward from the development perspective to integrate with Magento.

The Benefits

  • The Perfect Email Marketing System for Customers: Bronto’s system design is specifically tailored for a customer experience that involves features such as order tracking, cart recovery messages, newsletter integrations, post purchasing campaigns and etc. You can easily customize emails and SMS messages to cater to customer behaviors.

  • Tracking Features: Bronto is triggered by website features such as wishlists, cart statuses, and product recommendations. Because of its complex tracking features, Bronto is a good option for companies that want to capitalize on specific features of their ecommerce website.

  • Bronto Offers a Lot of Metrics: For marketers that like to analyze the many, small details of their customer’s lifecycle, Bronto is an excellent choice. The idea is to create an experience where you are engaging with the customer at every point along their lifecycle. The incredibly user-friendly Bronto UI (user interface) helps you navigate your campaign and balances out the effort required to keep track of the amount of detail that goes along with the micro-focus Bronto offers.

  • Bronto Integrates Very Well with Adobe Commerce (Magento): The Bronto-Adobe Commerce combination has a lot going for it from a development perspective. There is a well-maintained, company-sponsored extension for Adobe Commerce that they manage on their own site here. This means your development team can drop in and configure the extension, and your integration work is complete.

  • Bronto Coordinates with Your Website’s Information: Integrating Bronto with your ecommerce website handles all of the basics, such as post-order creation of contact records, passing order details, and has some nice features like asynchronous processing (meaning it doesn’t need to pass the data into Bronto right at checkout, potentially slowing a user’s experience and creating other risks). Instead, Bronto, processes records on a scheduled job, say, once a day.

  • Additional Features: There are other features like pop-up contact forms, and lead capture forms that can be added.

  • Flexible API: This feature of Bronto is an added benefit, especially for developers, and allows for Bronto to be extended to suit the needs of your particular feature. For example, there is a drop-in add-to-list form that can be used out of Bronto, but if there are any errors or post-submit messages, the customer is redirected to a plain Bronto screen. Instead, we can build a custom form, and submit the contact to a list over the Bronto API, giving you full control over the user experience.

  • Excellent for Segmenting Email Lists: A Bronto integration can help you create an email marketing campaign that works based off of incredibly specific customer data gathered from your website itself. This amount of gathered customer data, in addition to creating a successful automated system, can help you make informed and segmented email lists. This means that based on user history and purchase behavior you can tailor the marketing message to the specific point your customer is at in their lifecycle.

Why We Recommend Bronto

While Bronto is a good system, it’s fairly expensive, and requires a marketer who is committed to using all of its features. We recommend Bronto to marketers who are running an eCommerce site on Magento, and are wanting to set up campaigns that involve email automation dependent on solid segmentation of transaction and other data in your customer’s lifecycle. Bronto, specifically, is highly recommended for those marketers who are running a Magento eCommerce site because there is an existing tight integration via proven Magento extensions, and it has a flexible API to connect into. Bronto also offers unique customer tracking features; features which don’t make sense on a CMS.