Our Experience

Marketo’s automation services include many repetitive, schedulable marketing tasks common to sales pipeline management, recurring campaigns, social posting, and other tasks that are often part of inbound marketing efforts. Marketo’s current clientele involves Glassdoor, Charles Schwab, and General Electric.

Marketo includes a wide variety of tools under its umbrella term, “marketing automation,” including email marketing, landing pages, campaign management, lead management, social, and analytics. Most often our clients have chosen to adopt Marketo as their marketing automation platform and want to integrate it into the front-end of their website. Since leads often start at the website, it’s essentially the “front door” to all of Marketo’s features.

The Benefits

  • Centralized Marketing Database: One of the most common features offered by marketing automation systems, Marketo’s centralized marketing database is one of the greatest benefits of a marketing automation system. All information on lead behaviors, client interactions, and potential future prospects are gathered into a single place and from there, allow you to segment lists and personalize interactions.

  • Engagement Marketing Engine: Allows you to create, automate, and monitor a wide variety of marketing processes, cross-channel. Marketo combines its own social marketing automation with LaunchPoint’s Applications to create their Engagement Marketing Platform. LaunchPoint offers many applications you can use to supplement your Marketo marketing automation system to customize it however you need to, whether with video, content, or mobile marketing.

  • SEO: Allows you to optimize keywords and compare your SEO ranking with that of your competitors.

  • Social: You can use the Marketo analytics system to determine which social media platforms are the most supportive of your brand and which drive the most client interaction. You can also integrate social platforms and embed webforms on your website to allow users to login or subscribe to your website through their social accounts.

  • Marketo Ad Bridge: Ad Bridge is a Marketo tool that allows you to create and manage digital marketing ads. You can leverage segmented lists in social platforms, personalizing your digital ads to a targeted audience. Marketo’s Ad Bridge also offers an integration with Google Adwords for intelligent ad bidding.

  • Implementing Personalized Content: Marketo can help you generate personalized content on your website to match the collected data you have on your leads, reflecting their location, preferences, purchase history, and browsing history.

  • Strategized Landing Pages: Marketo provides you with templates that allow you to create strategized landing pages without having to worry about configuring complicated code or HTML.

  • Analytics With Perspective: Marketo provides an analytics system which not only tracks past behavior and predicts future behavior, but it also helps compare how your own marketing strategy is holding up against your competitors. Marketo offers an Engagement Score to judge the potential success of your engagement program using an algorithm that factors in client behavior.

  • Integrate With Your CRM: Applications for integrating your Marketo marketing automation system are offered for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Netsuite, Oracle, SAP Cloud for Sales, and SugarCRM.

  • Benefits for Your Sales Team: Rather than passing every generated lead to sales, Marketo allows you to rank and monitor leads to better judge when they’re ready to be passed over to sales, nurturing them in the meantime until the right moment. Marketo provides you with a range of tools to easily organize leads into different categories of readiness.

When Do We Recommend Marketo Marketing Automation

Marketo is a leader in automation and campaign management tools for medium and large business and many of our clients have adopted it as their marketing automation platform. There’s strong competition in this space, and we encourage companies to evaluate the leading marketing automation systems - because of their similar feature sets - and come to a price-point, support, and tool selection model that fits well with their style of business.

Many marketing automation services offer tools to accomplish the same thing: to provide insight allowing marketers to identify and nurture leads. Considering that a large portion of your lead’s journey is self-directed, Marketo attempts to help your marketing team track the direction of that journey and direct it when it can.