Our Experience With Disqus

Disqus is a comment management tool mainly used by website publishers. For community websites, or websites that enable comments, Disqus assists with managing spam and enabling relevant conversation. Integrating it with your website is light work, as it’s more of an embed than an integration. Disqus can be themed, although it automatically adapts itself to fit your website’s design.

The Benefits

  • Integration Light: Integrating Disqus is a simple process. Using Disqus’ API connection, Disqus and your website will be able to communicate with each other, allowing Disqus to better synchronize its appearance with your website.

  • Custom Settings: You can moderate the kinds of comments allowed on your website by creating lists of banned commenters, filters for specific words, and spam alerts. These custom settings can help you stop problematic comments, even before they appear on your website.

  • Moderate Via Email: You can respond to comments, delete them, or approve them from email alerts sent by Disqus.

  • Simple User Interface: A single Disqus account can be used for multiple websites. You can moderate the conversation on all of your websites from a central user interface on Disqus.

  • Audience Analytics: Over time, Disqus collects data on the type of people that are commenting on your website's content, helping you track data that gives you a better idea of your audience.

  • Interactions: In addition to commenting, Disqus enables other types of user interactions, such as likes, dislikes, upvotes, downvotes, replies, and recommends that your users may be accustomed to seeing elsewhere on forums or social media.

  • User Notifications: Your users can receive notifications when another commenter reacts or replies to their comment, retaining interest and perpetuating conversation.

When Do We Recommend Disqus

Content Management Systems like Drupal or Wordpress both provide a similar commenting feature, but the moderation and spam prevention tools are not as strong. If comments and user-generated content are a big feature of your site, then Disqus might be a helpful tool. It provides a way to keep a complete perspective about what people are saying on your website, as well as manage spam and block unwanted user-generated content from appearing on your website.