Our Experience With AvantLink

AvantLink is an affiliate management tool. Although affiliate marketing existed before the internet, the internet made tracking and processing payments to affiliate partners much easier. The biggest online affiliate program was made popular by Amazon’s Associates program.

Independent affiliate management tools are commonly used by eCommerce websites. If a customer is referred to your website and uses a code provided to them by the referrer at checkout, or uses a specific URL to navigate to a product page, the referrer is then given a commission. For eCommerce websites that need an easy way to mediate affiliate marketing, AvantLink is a useful tool.

The Benefits

  • Split Commissions: AvantLink helps manage more complicated affiliate marketing issues, like splitting a single commission between two different affiliates.

  • Accurate Influencer Commission: AvantLink takes the impact of any marketing channels you are currently using to calculate the correct influencer commission that your affiliate is owed.

  • Vetted Affiliates: Even before you view an affiliate’s application, they have been vetted by the AvantLink team. The review process for affiliate applications is made simple with an easy user interface, and a rejected application will not be presented to you again. AvantLink also provides tools for recruiting affiliates, if there’s someone specific you wish to connect with.

  • API: AvantLink’s API connects AvantLink with your website, allowing the two platforms to “communicate” with each other. This allows AvantLink to track data, like the number of transactions made on your website, and factor it into its calculations.

  • Affiliate Communication: AvantLink provides a direct messaging service to help merchants stay in touch with their affiliates.

  • Analytics: Using AvantLink’s analytics, you can track referral URL’s used, ROI, the number items sold, and other data.

When Do We Recommend AvantLink

AvantLink is a beneficial tool for eCommerce websites that want to incorporate affiliate marketing into their strategies. AvantLink not only connects you to a network of vetted affiliates, but it’s powerful analytics keep track of ROI and measure the effect affiliate marketing is having on your sales. AvantLink makes more complicated tasks, like keeping track of affiliates or splitting commissions, a lot easier to manage with a central user interface.