Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Systems Integrations

Proven Expertise

Your website is the tip of a very complex iceberg, and understanding how it integrates with other systems and channels is key to its success. We focus exclusively on Drupal, Adobe Commerce (Magento), Shopify, and related integrations. This focus enables us to develop deep expertise in the platforms we work with and in our clients’ unique systems and processes. 

magento abas interface

Featured Integration: Connecting abas ERP to Magento 2

Bear Group has partnered with the abas ERP team to develop a connector for Magento 2. As a software used by manufacturing companies around the world, an abas and Adobe Commerce-integrated system helps to increase business efficiencies around online order processing.

Ecommerce Systems Integrations

  • Post-Order Systems

    We've worked with a long list of post-order systems, including ERP, accounting, order processing, and middleware connectors that are activated from the moment an order is placed on your ecommerce website.

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  • Payment Gateways

    There are a wide variety of payment systems available that, once integrated with your website, can support your business' unique checkout, inventory, and post-order processing. 

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  • Customer Management Tools

    Bridging the gap between merchants and customers, customer management tools allow you to improve your customer's experience along different points of their interaction with your brand and website.

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Digital Marketing Systems

  • Email Marketing Technology

    We’ve worked with a wide range of email marketing integrations, from simple embedded sign-up forms to more complex API connections that communicate between web user accounts and email systems that store customer email preferences.

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  • Marketing Automation and CRM Systems

    A marketing automation system can help you build, centrally manage, and monitor the health of multiple automated marketing campaigns. Many marketing automation services come equipped with a full range of features, like email marketing, and a strong API that you can use to integrate it with your other systems.

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  • Event Management Systems

    Event management and event registration are critical to many of our nonprofit clients in particular. A hosted event management solution makes event page creation, registration, follow-up, and reporting much easier.

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  • Ad Publishing and Ad Server Technology

    Ad publishing software such as Doubleclick, OpenX, and Google for Publisher help sell, target, optimize, track, deliver, and control all ad placements and revenue.

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