System Integrations

Custom Website Integrations for eCommerce and Digital Marketing Systems

We can help you set up a vibrant marketing ecosystem online, with your website at its core. We have done integrations with all of the tools listed and more. Our knowledge in this domain is broad rather than deep, so although we aren’t experts in most of these tools, we can provide guidance, recommend helpful resources, deliver a seamless web experience for you and your customers, and create a productive digital marketing ecosystem for your business.

Payment Gateways

There are a wide variety of payment systems available that, once integrated with your website, can support your business's unique check-out, inventory, and post-order processing. Each payment system integration is PCI compliant and can be configured to support tokenized payments. In addition to integrating your payment gateway with your website, we can also integrate your payment system with any other additional order processing tools in your digital network.

Post-Order Systems

Post-order systems cover a wide range of different tools, matching the equally wide range of tasks required for processing orders. This includes ERP, accounting, order processing, and middleware connectors that are activated from the moment an order is placed on your eCommerce website. We've worked with a long list of post-order systems and are experienced at creating custom integrations that fit seamlessly with the rest of your network.

Customer Management Tools

Customer Management Tools are those systems that allow you, as a merchant, to minimize the digital divide between your brand and your users. They allow you to affect your customer's experience along different points of their interaction with your brand, and your website.

Personalization Technology

Personalization tools including many tools within the Drupal CMS and Adobe Test & Target help you serve up just the right content at the right time.

Website and Server Analytics Technology

Analytics tools–such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and New Relic–provide hard data on how your site is performing. 

SEO Technology

SEO optimization tools such as SEOMoz’s Site Tracker, Positionly, and webmaster tools require very little integration.

Ad Publishing and Ad Server Technology

Ad publishing software such as Doubleclick, OpenX, and Google for Publisher help sell, target, optimize, track, deliver, and control all ad placements and revenue.

Email Marketing Technology

Email marketing integrations can range from simple embedded sign-up forms to more complex API connections that communicate between web user accounts and email systems that store customer email preferences. We have delivered integrations with Exact Target, Salesforce, MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact, Bronto, MyEmma, and in-house mail systems, helping marketing teams form an email marketing strategy that delivers results.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media is an important marketing tool for all of our clients, and as developers, we keep finding new ways to blend the main website with social platforms. This could take the form of adding open graph tags for Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to better understand which web content is shared. It could also mean displaying live feeds from Twitter or Facebook, or using Facebook or Google+ accounts for user account sign-in.

Split Testing Technology

A/B Testing tools such as Google Analytics Experiments, Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Visual Website Optimizer help you maximize conversion by testing user response to different versions of your content, layout, and design.

Marketing Automation and CRM Systems

A marketing automation system can help you build, centrally manage, and monitor the health of multiple automated marketing campaigns. Many marketing automation services come equipped with a full range of features, like email marketing, and a strong API that you can use to integrate it with your other systems. A common example would be integrating your marketing automation system with your CRM so that it can have access to your customer database, automatically pulling in information to generate personalized interactions.

Event Management Systems

Event management and event registration are critical to many of our nonprofit clients—in fact, several of them are funded almost entirely from event-based revenue. For these clients, a hosted event management solution makes event page creation, registration, follow-up and reporting much easier.

Content Marketing Systems

Content marketing tools provide a variety of ways to manage the display of content on your website, as well as how your content is shared. They can also assist with affiliate marketing campaigns, helping you track specific URL's and transactions to accurately measure your campaign's ROI. There's a spectrum to content marketing tools; while some, like Disqus, will help you mediate user conversation on your website, others, like ShareThis, will allow you to easily feature customizable social media buttons.