Bear Group Run State

Supporting Your Digital Experiences

Maintaining a website’s peak performance requires reliable support, which is why we created Run State. Run State off-loads the necessity of keeping your website up to date with patches, monitors security, and provides development time for quick fixes. 

Our team will get your website to a point of peak performance, and then maintain it there. Run State quietly operates in the background to ensure that your efforts online are never blocked by your own tools, that you never have to worry about breaks going undocumented or unfixed, and that your website’s performance is always operating at its best. We provide ongoing support for Drupal, Magento®, and all other website platforms.

Each website build and digital strategy is unique, and support should be tailored to fit.

Initial Onboarding and Ongoing Support

Support for All Site Platforms, Server Tech, and API
Brought Current in Ramp Up
All Web Security Brought Up to Date
Fully Staffed Development Team
Your Own Digital Service Desk
All Issues Documented and Scheduled

Run State Ramp-up

Run State is a support model that provides the ongoing attention necessary to ensure that your website is always up to date. We begin support for your website with a ramp-up phase. Our team reviews every facet of your website to verify that everything is documented, brought to current standards, and ready to be managed.

Phase 1

Meet the team, outline what to expect weekly, establish communication channels, and schedule weekly standup meetings.

Phase 2

Begin the process of documenting and onboarding each feature of your current website: platforms, server technologies, and all modules/extensions/API.

Phase 3

Key server and system tools are brought up to speed, and systems are laid in place that will monitor the security and performance of your website.

Phase 4

Make sure systems are current with their versions, conduct site audit, test web forms, check security.

Bear Group Run State Plans

Standard (SMB / Nonprofit)

Sized to the needs of small business owners and non-profits, the Basic Run State plan includes the initial onboarding process that brings your website to Run State, and continuous support for established points.

Preferred (Digital Marketer)

In addition to initial onboarding and getting your website to Run State, you will have developers on hand to handle additional issues or build new website features. This plan is ideal for clients who are actively growing and pushing their website strategy.

Priority (eCommerce / Enterprise)

Putting the most emphasis on execution and optimization, our Priority Run State package actively drives your website with dedicated developer time and resources. Your development team will actively work with you to address backlogs, scope out development strategies, and execute tasks. 

Consistent support can offer you peace of mind, knowing that you have a dedicated technology team on hand.  Your website can’t last forever with one good build, but it will last with continuous support.

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