TSYS (Cayan)

Integration with Magento Commerce

Originally called Merchant Warehouse, Cayan (now part of TSYS) is a payment gateway provider for online transactions. In 2017, Cayan was purchased by Total System Service (TSYS) and now operates through their business under that name. Founded in 1998, Cayan/TSYS has evolved to develop support for changing transaction processes, and now offers gift card processing and point-of-sale support—two of the biggest draws for many of our Magento clients.

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About TSYS

It provides an API that can be used to integrate the payment gateway with your website, creating a seamless checkout experience for users. Managing is done through the system’s merchant panel, which can be used to manage transactions.

Our Experience

This is a convenient tool for merchants that want to provide a range of shopping opportunities for their consumers. It’s a good choice for merchants that also manage physical stores in need of a point-of-sale solution that integrates seamlessly with their online presence. Processing transactions through a single provider is very helpful for certain circumstances—if a customer purchases a gift card online that they then want to use at a store, for example. Its user interface allows each of those different transactions to be monitored and managed from a single location. 

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