Integration with Magento Commerce

Possibly one of the most recognized online payment processing brands, PayPal is an industry leader in secure, simple, online payment processing. There are a variety of ways to integrate PayPal with your ecommerce website, whether that’s embedding PayPal payment buttons or integrating PayPal’s payment gateway, PayFlow. Regardless, PayPal can provide a payment solution for businesses of all sizes — it’s completely scalable, manageable, and secure.

Our Experience Integrating PayPal

PayPal was an early investor in Magento before eventually purchasing Magento (which was later sold once again). As a result, PayPal is very tightly integrated as a payment option in Magento. All versions of their payment system are supported in the core application. We recommend PayPal to businesses of any size, though typically it acts as a secondary payment method for most merchants.

PayPal’s system is built for smaller merchants who may want to embed PayPal buttons on their website or larger merchants that want to build a custom checkout flow and integrate it with various customer touch points. PayPal is, of course, PCI compliant and securely handles your customer’s sensitive information.

Additional Integrations

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