Helm Publishing

Custom Built With Integrated CMS and Magento eCommerce Platforms

In April of 2015, Helm Publishing reached out to our team here at Bear Group looking for a new development partner for their website. Helm Publishing’s website offers textbooks on modern health practices in addition to online evaluations (for continuing education credits), all provided with the goal of helping health professionals further their education and stay in the know about modern developments.

Initially, we were contacted because Helm’s website is run on a Magento platform, and they wanted a team of developers with experience in Magento customization and development.

Helm approached us with a list of backlog items detailing changes they wanted for their website. They wanted to keep their Magento platform, but streamline the user experience and configure their website to be mobile responsive, allowing users to peruse their textbooks and online courses while on the go. To bring their brand further into focus, they requested a Content Management System (CMS) to maintain their blog and expand their available content. To prepare for any developments they might want to make in the future, Helm asked that we make the website’s code more flexible to allow them more editing control.

Designing a Mobile Responsive Website

The priority was configuring Helm’s website to be mobile responsive, and for that we contacted Design Hovie Studios. Hovie’s style synced well with Helm’s brand, and the designer did some quick mobile layouts for the website. We then coded those designs on the website, making their Magento® platform mobile responsive. In addition, to improve their user experience, we also custom built a new theme for their Magento platform.

Leveraging Wordpress

We recommended integrating the WordPress CMS with their Magento platform to enable them to manage static pages on their website and maintain a blog. The Wordpress integration with Magento enables them to have a blog connected to the website, reusing the same theme as is used for Magento. Wordpress is also an easy-to-use system, right out of the box, and was the easiest option for Helm, allowing them to maintain their content pages without taking time away from their eCommerce priority.

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Migrating to Magento 2.0

In our most recent project, Helm wanted to update their Magento platform to the latest release of Magento, Magento 2.0. Moving Helm’s content–SKU data, additional content, product images– between the two platforms was a straightforward process. The integration with Litmos, their online testing system was rebuilt for Magento 2.0. As the migration already required us to rewrite the website’s theme layer, we took the opportunity to update the theme at the same time using a new design provided by Hovie Hawk.


  • Migration to the most recent version of Magento, Magento 2.0.

  • Updated integration with Litmos.

  • Updated website theme and front-end layout. 

  • Migration to Wordpress for easier content management. 

  • New mobile responsive layouts.

Beyond our Initial Partnership

Since our first initial project with the Helm Publishing team, our developers have kept in contact, periodically making updates and addressing a backlog of tasks.