Glazer's Camera

Custom Drupal, Wordpress, and Magento Websites

Since the store’s first opening in 1935, Glazer’s Camera has been providing the Northwest with professional-grade camera equipment. From the time the store’s first owner, Ed Glazer, first opened for business Glazer’s Camera has been passed through the hands of three generations of the Glazer family. Locally located in South Lake Union in Seattle, the Glazer business has expanded beyond the supply of camera equipment and now includes classes on photography technique and development, community events showcasing local talent, and financial support for photography students attending Seattle Central Creative Academy. A cornerstone of the Seattle creative community, Glazer’s Camera has become an important resource for local residents who are passionate about the art of photography.

An Integrated eCommerce and CMS 

In 2010 Glazer’s Camera contacted our team at Bear Group in an effort to develop their user experience online and expand their web business. They requested a website that could handle the tasks of an eCommerce storefront, connecting the inventory of their brick and mortar store to reflect what was available in their store front’s digital inventory. In addition, they wanted to give their customers the ability to navigate their large product catalog, classes, rentals, their customer accounts, build wish lists, and check out through a safe transaction service.

They also wanted their community outreach content - social channels, blog posts, class scheduling - easily accessible within their central website.

After meeting with Glazer’s and scoping out their ideals for their future website, we determined that the best solution would be to build a Magento® platform to handle their online storefront and integrate it with a Drupal CMS (Content Management System).

Updates to Match a Changing Web Experience

Although Magento is one of the most powerful - and widely used - ecommerce platforms on the market, it’s built mainly to support the display and transaction of products. While Magento had been handling the blog and event content, by 2015 it had become a bit of a limitation. To handle this, we made a few updates to how content was managed and displayed on their website.

After consulting with Glazer’s and analyzing a solution to their listed pain-points, we recommended a switch from their original Drupal CMS to a Wordpress CMS. After building out the new Wordpress platform, we migrated any data created in the Drupal platform into the new CMS.


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Event Scheduling With Eventbrite

Instead of managing their event scheduling from within their CMS, we integrated Eventbrite with their website to streamline the process of event creation and registration. Before, Glazer’s had managed their events by posting classes as products in Magento, making them available for purchase. However, managing the additional information unique to events, such as the class registration list, date and time scheduling, location information, and any additional details - lunch preferences, equipment lists - is difficult to configure through Magento (and not in its wheelhouse).

We recommended they switch to Eventbrite and provided an integration page that pulls and displays event information from Eventbrite. For additional information, the integration page also redirects customers to Glazer’s page on the Eventbrite website, providing further details on event and registration options.

Designed for Mobility

We updated the Glazer’s website to include a fully responsive desktop, tablet, and mobile experience. To make their website more accessible for mobile users, we configured the Glazer’s website to be mobile responsive and created a mobile web design similar to the theme originally created for their desktop website. We took the redesign work completed by Liska + Associates in 2014 and our front-end development team created “stacked” layouts and improved navigation for mobile.


  • A site scaled to Glazer's needs with a new Wordpress platform. 

  • Streamlined event management with an Eventbrite integration. 

  • A mobile responsive design to make the website more accessible to mobile users.

Ongoing Partnership

Any website will require periodic updates and maintenance to keep pace with the changing internet experience. After the completion of our initial project with Glazer’s, we’ve continued to be their web development team, tuning and updating their system to match their evolving business and competitive landscape.

We’re very happy to be able to partner with Glazer’s Camera and assist with growing a business that has been a cornerstone for the Seattle photography community for more than 80 years. Our partnership with Glazer’s Camera is ongoing, follow us @bearideas for future updates on any new developments.