Mishima Reserve

Custom Crafted Magento eCommerce

Meet Mishima Reserve

Mishima Reserve approaches the cultivation of its American Wagyu Beef and the care of their stock with the chef in mind. Taste begins with bloodline: known worldwide as the best source of beef, Mishima Reserve is one of the first American cultivators of Wagyu Beef.

Since its beginnings, Mishima Reserve has grown, largely through reputation, to become a well-respected supplier of craft beef to the finest restaurants in the world. Mishima Reserve wanted to further enable that growth with a direct-to-consumer online store that would allow consumers easier access to their superior product and delivery to their door.

Creating Growth Potential

Because of the sourcing and perishability of their product, Mishima Reserve needed an eCommerce website that could handle complicated SKU functionality and exacting shipping and delivery details. Additionally, they would need an eCommerce system that could be brought up quickly and scale with the company over the next 3 years.

A Brand New Store, Built on Magento

The solution was an eCommerce website built on Magento® 2.0 Commerce. Magento is a flexible, open source eCommerce system that allows companies to easily extend functionality through (often pre-built) extensions. Its expansive developer community and active core team ensure that the system is constantly patched, and up to date, enabling Mishima Reserve’s website to maintain a modern appearance and functionality for a few years.

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Mishima on Magento

Through Magento, Mishima Reserve website administrators can manage enterprise-level eCommerce features from easily managed administrative suites.

Customization Opportunities

  • Create custom checkouts
  • Create product detail pages and marketing attribution
  • Direct management of pricing and SKU data
  • The creation and management of custom user accounts
  • Direct stock management

Elevating Content Management

While Magento is a strong eCommerce tool, Mishima Reserve wanted to push their online presence further with the ability to directly create and manage sophisticated content. To enable this, we integrated Mishima Reserve’s Magento eCommerce platform with a CMS (Content Management Platform), Drupal 8.0. Like Magento, Drupal is an open source platform that allows administrators to make quick and significant changes, which is what makes it such an appealing choice for a growing website.

From their Drupal website, Mishima Reserve can manage complex content tasks, easily creating new page layouts, managing information architecture, and formatting and uploading all media types.