A Custom Drupal CMS

Fortive is a new company made of several brands, including leaders in the Northwest like Fluke and Tektonix. After separating from the Danaher organization to form their own independent company, Fortive needed development for a new website. They began looking for developers who could create a website that would represent their brand’s core values: innovation, rooted in deep expertise.

When we began working with Fortive, their marketing team had already completed initial brand guidelines and identity work. We collaborated with Design Hovie Studios to take those guidelines and create corresponding web designs. Following the requests of Fortive, we scoped out plans for a website that could support their content creation, online marketing, and act as a point of communication between themselves, their customers, and their investors. They wanted a dynamic website that they could continuously maintain and build on themselves.

A Custom Drupal CMS

We started planning the project in late Spring of 2016, working through May to build their website and launched the project the first week of June. We chose to build the Fortive website on the Drupal 8 platform, the latest release of the Drupal CMS, to take full advantage of its updated feature set, specifically the new custom block feature. The custom block integration allows website admin and editors to take more control over updating and customizing global and section-specific content regions. We also integrated Fortive’s website with PR Newswire for investor details, featuring a live feed of Fortive news updates and stock quotes on their homepage.

A Collaborative Creation

Design direction for the Fortive website came from Design Hovie Studios, who provided a web design that captured the clean energy of the Fortive brand. Vitamin C Creative assisted as well, creating web copy that spoke to the integrity and industrial expertise of Fortive.