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Brushing up a new Drupal website

Envista, a spin-off of Danaher, wanted to partner with professionals to improve lives. Together we collaborated to build a custom Drupal site to suit their unique needs.


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Meet Envista

two people talk in a dentist office

Meet Envista

Envista is a new company created from the global family of three operating companies and more than 30 dental brands, united by a shared purpose: to partner with professionals to improve lives. Envista is a spin-off from Danaher, created as an independent public company raising $589M via their IPO in September 2019. 

The focus of the newly formed company is centered around treatment options, orthodontics, and digital imaging technologies. Envista supports over a million dental professionals across the country through consultation, education, treatment plans, and more.

The Challenge

Bear Group built the Danaher corporate site and also worked on the Fortive site, another IPO company out of Danaher in 2016. The Envista team sought a responsive site that could be easily managed by staff as well as provide a seamless experience for viewers between desktop and mobile. Bear Group pulled together Design Hovie Studios and Vitamin-C Creative to support the new brand and meet their hard deadline.

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The Solution

We were provided a set of brand guidelines and design direction from the agency working on the new Envista corporate identity. Design Hovie Studios used these brand guidelines to up with multiple website layout options for the team to consider for the new Envista site.

Meanwhile, Vitamin-C Creative worked on messaging, content, and organizing the flow of pages for the new site.

Similar to Danaher and Fortive, we built the new site using the Drupal 8 content management system. Drupal provides an excellent framework for enterprise situations, where custom content types and unique page layouts are needed.

Envista desktop

The Results

The Envista site features a paragraph browser module that enabled the ability to customize background colors as desired. A custom timeline was created to help visually represent the evolution of the Envista story.

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