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Climate Action Reserve

Improving the climate with WordPress

Climate Action Reserve promotes being climate-conscious and fighting against climate change using global efforts.


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Meet Climate Action Reserve

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Meet Climate Action Reserve

Climate Action Reserve has successfully promoted climate change solutions for decades. Working with a board of directors that include political leaders from all along the west coast of North America, the Climate Action Reserve is a collective effort that recognizes the global effect environmental care has on us all.

The Challenge

Climate Action Reserve initially engaged Bear Group to address its outdated website. Over the years their web presence had grown across 17 different domains, some of which were no longer necessary to their efforts or actively being managed. Their punch list of items included restructuring the homepage, updating categories, sunsetting older event sites, and improvements to security.

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The Solution

We secured everything on their website, updating extensions that were outdated or no longer needed, upgrading core CMSs, implementing Cloudflare—a Web Application Firewall—and running their code base through multiple scans. Although no longer in use, Climate Action Reserve didn’t want to lose any of the data or content from their historic, annual event sites dating from 2010. We flattened those websites into a static HTML format, preserving them without Climate Action Reserve having to maintain a CMS which, otherwise, could jeopardize their server.

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The Results

We updated Climate Action Reserve’s separate events site, which had been running on an older version of Ubercart. We replaced it with a WordPress event calendar plug-in, with registration links to Eventbrite, to their webinar registrations, or to other sign-up sites. This offloaded payment system management to PCI-compliant third-party solutions, adding flexibility to the types of events that could be included, and integrating the entire events site with the main domain.

Additionally, the websites that Climate Action Reserve was actively using—their main domain, their climate impact scoring website, and their NACW conference site—were consolidated on their main WordPress platform to make management easier. We concluded the project with a homepage refresh for the main site, as well as a front-end update to their upcoming NACW Conference site.


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