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Advanced Sterilization Products

Redesign & Upgrade on Drupal 8

Advanced Sterilization Products is a world leader in healthcare products. They needed a capable Drupal website to bring these sterilization solutions to customers worldwide.


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Meet Advanced Sterilization Products

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Meet Advanced Sterilization Products

Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) is a global leader in infection prevention, dedicated to creating the products, solutions, and processes needed by healthcare practitioners to protect patients during their most critical moments. The sterilization, care, and handling of instruments used to treat patients is vital to a patient's health outcomes and there is no room for error. 

The Challenge

In April 2019, the Advanced Sterilization Products business at Johnson & Johnson was sold to Fortive, Inc. As a result of that transaction, the website needed to move to a new web server. There was a specific deadline for when the site needed to be moved from its outdated version of Drupal and an entirely new brand, so it became clear both a design refresh and platform upgrade were going to be needed in about a 60-day window.

Bear Group had worked on the main Fortive site, and with other operating companies over the years so already had a strong relationship with Fortive. The ASP team at Johnson & Johnson had worked with the design firm Three Whiskey so they were chosen to do the design and Bear Group would do the build.

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The Solution

Because of the timeline, the design was handed off as sections were completed and approved so we could work on the theme. The new page content was passed in from the content teams to Bear Group for placement in the new CMS. 

There are numerous views, blocks, and paragraph types on the new site. In addition, there are custom layouts including product detail pages, product category pages, and other landing pages. The new Drupal 8 site features integrations with Google Maps and Drupal Search API.  

This build also included a dedicated site for the EMEA region. Each region (US, EMEA) has its own separate Drupal install as a multi-site under a single code base. Language detection and translations have been set up for the EMEA site (German, Italian, Spanish). The World Wide Landing page serves as a router for all the regional sub-sites.

Finally, the whole site was moved from Bear staging servers into the Acquia environment and the go-live steps were completed. Launching on time for the unveiling of the new brand.

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The Results

In a second project with ASP, Bear Group worked with the team at ASP on the redevelopment of the Sterrad Sterility Guide (SSG). SSG is a reference database of devices that meets Sterrad system claims, and a trusted resource of up-to-date sterilization information from 100 device manufacturers with over 20,000 devices.

SSG was rebuilt over the Drupal 8 CMS. This customized application requires customers to authenticate (register and log in) to access the majority of content. Once logged in, they're greeted with a search function and the ability to filter results. Users can build up a profile of “My Devices” which will show up on a custom profile page.

One of the great features of Drupal is the ability to define content types and related fields to fit the scope of your project. In this case, devices are a content type with model numbers, manufacturers, and many other fields that are attributes of the device. There is the ability to custom upload into the system via CSV with updates to devices.

Project Highlights

Authenticated Experiences

We customized an application that allows customers to easily authenticate themselves and build a custom profile page.

Device Content

Drupal allows for the ability to define content types and related fields so we could connect multiple product files and upload them to the system via CSV.


The UX of the site is translated into seven languages, and further refined by country. The base of language support is a feature of the Drupal CMS.

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