Content Marketing and eCommerce Website Platforms

The Building Potential of eCommerce and CMS Platforms

Website technology has taken expansive strides in the last decade, platforms like Drupal, Wordpress, and Shopify now accounting for over half of the internet's websites. In part, technology has become more intuitive and powerful systems–like Magento®–provide administrators with a powerful interface capable of customization abilities that were only available to developers just a few years ago. Custom websites are easier and faster to build, and much simpler to manage.

You don't need to spend expansive amounts of time painstakingly coding your own website from the ground up in order to create a custom experience–you just need to find the right platform.

Finding the Right CMS for Your Content Marketing Strategy

CMS–content management systems–are most often used for their powerful content marketing abilities. Learn more about CMS platforms, the difference an open source and SaaS system can make on your ongoing growth strategy, the estimated cost of annual licensing compared to anticipated development work, and the administrative learning curve associated with each system.

Guide to Evaluating CMS Platforms

See how to evaluate CMS platforms–including Drupal, Wordpress, Adobe Experience Manager, Craft, Episerver, and others–based on their codebase, integration capability, licensing costs, and required coding skill. Look beyond the surface-level feature sets and make a more accurate selection when choosing the best CMS for your business.

Can An eCommerce Platform Support Your Business?

An Interview with eCommerce Expert, Shilo Jones
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Managing Translated Content on eCommerce and CMS Websites
Localization and translation are often trickier to implement than some website administrators realize. However, for aspiring companies translated content is absolutely crucial.

3 Features All High-Performance B2B Websites Have in Common
How updating your Customer Relationship Management, website layout, and Content Management System can bring your website to its optimal level of performance.

The Customization Capability of eCommerce Platforms

See the differences between different online webstores–built with the same platform–as well as their integration ability, and what the administrative experience looks like in our case studies.