Our Experience with Cvent

Cvent is a SaaS (software as a service, not open-source) platform that offers event management tools to event administrators. Cvent is typically preferred for corporate event hosting, and has a set of features similar to most event management tools. Cvent typically runs as a third-party system, rather than being tightly integrated with your website.

When we work with Cvent, we create an event detail page on our client’s website and and then enable the “register now” button to link to the Cvent page. We have integrated Cvent for Seattle AIGA, the American Institute of Graphic Artists, and Mirren.

The Benefits

  • Secure Transactions: Managing registration transactions from an external website limits the security risk of storing your client’s financial information on your website.

  • On-Site Registration Management App: If you want to enable attendees to register your event at the door, Cvent offers a mobile app that will allow event organizers to sell tickets or collect attendees’ information.

  • Contact Profiles: You can view, manage, and analyze data on your event attendees in Cvent’s scalable database.

  • Event Email Marketing: In addition to automated email sends that deliver receipts, confirmations, and event updates, you can market your event with strategized email sends.

  • SocialWall: Cvent’s SocialWall is a widget that you can customize and then embed on your website, displaying a full-screen feed of social posts from an Instagram or Twitter feed. This is a popular tool for events that look to display social feeds on screens around their event.

  • Analytics: You can track the progression of your event, the number of organizers, tickets sold, or attendees, from a comprehensive analytics system.

When Do We Recommend Cvent

Typically, clients will have already selected an event registration system. That being said, Cvent is a good choice, among the competitive event management tools, for any business looking to quickly setup a road-tested event management system.