Miguel (Mig) Jacq

Web Operations

Mig is a consultant for Bear Group providing technical leadership for web operations. He manages all of our server environments, works with our development teams, and has specific skills in technologies such as developer automation tools, Jenkins, Puppet, VM’s, caching tools and the full Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL stack.

Mig was a lead developer on the Aegir project, a deployment system for Drupal and has been involved with Drupal since its inception. Mig is strategically based in Melbourne, Australia providing 24x7 operational support for Bear Group.

What You Need To Know About Miguel (Mig) Jacq

How did you find Bear Group?

Actually, it was Bear Group who found me! In 2010, Bear Group was using a popular Drupal hosting system known as ‘Aegir’, of which I was prominent developer at the time. Bear Group sought me out for some contractual work, and I’ve helped out more or less ever since, especially after becoming a full-time consultant in 2011.

What has been your craziest work experience?

When one of my best friends showed up at my workplace for a job interview. Not only did he not know I worked there, he was applying to be my boss (he got the job too). Despite this, we’re still friends!

What do you recommend to visitors of your corner of the world?

I live in Australia, where the best thing you can do is just try and avoid being eaten by pretty much every wild animal/insect/reptile that lives here. But if you survive long enough (and are here in Victoria, east coast), do a road trip along the Great Ocean Road. Explore the Yarra Valley wine region, see some of those wild animals from a safe distance at Healesville Sanctuary. Hop across the strait to Tasmania and visit the MONA art gallery in Hobart. I’ve lived here all my life and even I haven’t visited all the most exciting places (Uluru, etc.) yet. It’s a big country!

When you’re not working, what are you most likely to be doing?

I spend a lot of time growing vegetables in my garden. I’m a published poet, and go through sporadic periods of intense writing. Otherwise, you’ll find me exploring a wide variety of red wine (syrah/shiraz especially, but I’m drinking an excellent Californian Zinfandel at the moment by Bogle Vineyards).

Can you remember the first computer you ever had?

I don’t know the exact model but it was some early Pentium. My Dad’s also a Linux guy, so I got brought up on the same operating systems that power Bear Group’s servers. The earliest memory I have of enthusiastically using a computer, though, was hacking the QBasic game ‘Nibbles’ so that I could go through walls. Bending the system to submit to my will is classic sysadmin behavior! Not much has changed.

How did you become interested in web development?

I learned HTML and Linux at a young age, but I wasn’t really expecting to do web dev or IT in general. I was actually in the oil-and-gas engineering industry before I realized I got a lot more enjoyment messing about in Lisp, writing programs to make my job easier, than the actual job itself. I decided to try and get paid to do what I actually enjoy doing, and found myself a job as a Linux sysadmin. Now I run my own consultancy business, helping organizations like Bear Group do things better, faster, and more securely. No regrets!

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