Creating Your Website Blueprint

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A Guide to Scoping Your Website Projects

When approaching a new website build, you need to create something that will not only be beneficial to users, but supportive of a spectrum of goals from various admin. The best way to do this is to have a firm plan from the outset for a website build that encompasses everything—the people and the technology.

Project Scoping

Read questions that would occur in a typical project scoping discussion with web developers.

Integrated Marketing

Create a more tightly integrated digital strategy by incorporating all technology into your project scoping.

Support Growth Strategies

Incorporate future goals and anticipated growth into your plans for current and future website projects.

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Creating the Blueprint for Your Website Integrations

Understanding integrations is about more than just connecting API's–that's the simple part. Finding the optimal connection point and understanding where and why your tools need to be integrated is how you build an efficiently connected stack. 

What Marketers Aren't Talking About: The Trouble With MarTech Integrations

Most marketers face issues when attempting to integrate their MarTech stack. Here’s the solution to that problem, and why it's such a complex task.