Wally Home

Custom Magento Website

Web Development Challenge

Seattle-based startup Wally Home makes a system that uses high-tech sensors to detect water leaks, temperature changes, and rising humidity levels in the home. The sensors communicate with each other via a low-powered wireless network that runs on the house’s existing copper wiring, and any cause for concern is instantly communicated to the homeowner through the Wally app. When the startup launched in March 2014, their website was as polished and powerful as their product—but their online store needed some help.

Wally Home’s IT team had designed a beautiful front-end for their site using Wordpress. The look was clean and modern, and the entire site was fully responsive. The only piece missing was an integrated Magento storefront that provided continuity of their brand. The team had launched with another e-commerce platform that already wasn’t meeting their needs. They knew they wanted to make the switch to Magento, but their experience with the open source solution was limited.

With their sales volume mounting by the day, Wally Home came to Bear Group for help. Between our Magento expertise and our development resources, they knew we could be counted on to fix their sales channel—and fast.

Custom Magento Store

We assembled a dedicated development team and set to work. Implementing Magento® for the Wally Home store meant that, right out of the box, we were able to deliver powerful tools for building product pages, managing inventory, and tracking orders. In addition, the new store made the day-to-day account management, product merchandising, and customer service tasks much easier for the Wally team to manage.


A More Intuitive Website for Wally Home

Wally Home had three primary goals. One, an intuitive and reliable shopping experience for their customers and an easy-to-administer interface with good tools for order fulfillment. Two, the storefront that mirrored the clean, responsive branding and design used on the rest of the site. And three, it all needed to meet a tight deadline.



On the front-end, we made sure that the store’s look and feel was a perfect match for the rest of the site.

We created a custom one-step checkout page that lets customers complete their purchase quickly and easily, without ever feeling like they’ve left the main site.

Throughout the store--from product pages to purchase confirmation--we were careful to uphold the Wally Home brand with a modern, mobile-friendly design.

A Successful Launch

After about six weeks of development, we took the new Wally Home store live in July 2014. Knowing how harrowing the early months of a startup can be, we were happy to take some of the burdens off of the Wally team and optimize their storefront for success.