A Custom Drupal Website

Tableau creates Business Intelligence (BI) data visualization software that is highly functional, accurate, and easy to manage. Tableau’s annual conferences, featuring keynote speakers such as physicist Neil Degrasse Tyson and author Daniel Pink, offer a chance for people to network, better understand data analysis, and become more knowledgeable about the functions of Tableau software. In addition to their annual On Tour conferences, Tableau also holds Partner Summits to allow members to network together and attend presentations on the latest Tableau developments. For this year’s conference schedules, both their On Tour conferences and Partner Summits, Tableau needed an updated Content Management System(CMS) in which to build out and leverage their event pages.

Tableau has an internal web development team, but they were currently tasked with other assignments and decided that the best way to give their project the attention it needed would be by delegating it to us at Bear Group. They wanted to post their event pages as quickly as possible and asked that we finish the project within a three week sprint.

Leveraging Drupal

Tableau was already running on a Drupal CMS, and asked that we use a pre-existing base theme to keep the new website uniform with their other Drupal installations. In addition to creating a new Drupal CMS install with their code and theme, we also customized their website with the Drupal context module to allow them to export menu and block features to other websites if they needed to. The goal of our web development was to create a simple CMS that would integrate thematically and technologically with their other systems and websites.

Building an Event Management Website

As with any conference, speaker bios, sessions, and hour-by-hour schedules are key features. To streamline their administrative work, we created a schedule builder out of a session content type within the CMS - enabling them to manage their schedule from within the CMS directly where they could have full contol of the look and feel. We also developed tokenized views for them, rendering views-type content and enabling scrolling lists between their textual content. To enable their viewers to toggle between English and other languages (some of their conference tours have international locations), we included the Drupal internationalization modules.


A custom schedule builder created from a Drupal module.

Tokenized views that allow the Tableau team to create unique lists.

Easy language toggling for users.

Ongoing Development

Our most recent project focused on developing a system Tableau could easily use to create and manage content for their Partner Summit. We created another fresh Drupal install with a CVENT registration integration, and the same scheduling layout and theme of the On Tour website.