Raleigh Bikes

A Custom Drupal CMS

Raleigh is a company that has built its business and community around a heritage of cycling. Initially constructing their first bikes in 1887, Raleigh has expanded today to provide a wide variety of bike models for as many types of cyclists.

Raleigh came in our door at the same time its sister company, Diamondback, did late in 2017. Owned by the parent company Accell North America, both cycling brands partnered with us in order to update their current websites.

Their website–community.raleighusa.com–was being used to support their blog, bike archives, and company history. It was also integrated with their Ascent360 CRM for bike registrations, vendor contact, and warranty support. The website had been built on mojoPortal, a CMS that was no longer supported by ongoing development. To avoid the user interface and content management issues that accompany an ageing legacy CMS, Raleigh reached out to us to help them upgrade to another platform.

Imac screen showing raleigh bikes website

Revitalizing Raleigh

For Raleigh, time was a critical factor. They were simultaneously launching a new eCommerce store and needed a quick “port,” but didn’t want to lose the look of their current website, alter the methods they used to update their website, or leave behind years of content and data from their previous mojoPortal database.

First, we recommended Raleigh move their website to a Drupal CMS platform (similar to Diamondback). Drupal would allow them to continue updating and managing their website content in the same straightforward way their team was familiar with. The Drupal 8 platform would also provide them with a more up-to-date management experience, allowing them to more easily access and edit content features than their mojoPortal CMS had.

Drupal Website Migration

After structuring a fresh Drupal 8 install, we manually migrated Raleigh’s content from their legacy system over to the new platform, maintaining the content format and layout. To the user, content on the Raleigh website would look as it always had, although more accessible. Drupal’s updated content management interface enabled the Raleigh team to have more control over their website’s user experience, providing them with easily customizable fields and better content breakout. While the migration of content was underway, we mirrored the existing theme to carry over Raleigh’s web design.


  • Complete website migration to a fresh install of Drupal.

  • Updated content management interface.

  • Updated web design and UX.

  • Integration with Ascent360 CRM.

Custom MarTech Integrations

Several of the forms Raleigh depends on–bike registrations, vendor contacts–needed to be rebuilt to correctly communicate data into their Ascent360 CRM. The CRM’s integration with their website was critical, as was the reception and automated data processing from those webforms. Gauging Raleigh’s business, tech, and content management needs, we broke out their old webforms and rebuilt them to communicate the submitted data in a way that Ascent360 CRM’s API could process it. The result was an integration with a seamless data collection point.